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Subject "For as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west"
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Original Message Interesting comments here regarding a topic I've been thinking on. . .

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<< commentary by Adam Rutherford, from Pyramidology, Book IV, 1972, page 1487:
The translation of the Greek word astrape by "lightning" in Matthew 24:27, Luke 17:24 in
our English Bibles is misleading and is partly responsible for wrong conclusions regarding the
manner of the Second Advent. It is true that astrape means "lightning" but it also has a
wider meaning. Liddell and Scott's Greek-English Lexicon gives the meaning of astrape in
New Testament Greek as "any bright light". Jesus Himself, as recorded in Luke 11:36 speaks
of "the bright shining (astrape) of a lamp". The same Greek word is used again in Our
Lord's Great Prophecy of Matthew 24, where in verse 27 He speaks of a bright light "coming
forth from the east and shining even unto the west". There is only one bright light that does this,
namely the sun (moonlight is faint and the starlight is small). So the correct translation of
Matthew 24:27 is "For as the sunlight (astrape) cometh forth from the east and shineth
even unto the west, so shall also the presence (parousia) of the Son of man be." Only
those who are awake and watching see the first gleams of light and watch the increasing light
and dawn, whilst later when the sun rises in the sky and moves over to the west, it is observed
by all. So likewise, only those awake to the signs of the times and watching discern the Lord's
presence in the early days of the Second Advent, whilst later, when He manifests Himself,
"every eye shall see Him", for His parousia, i.e. His presence continues throughout
the Millennium. >>

I had been wondering whether the word for lightning (Greek: astrapé) is necessarily the electric flash of a thunderstorm, or just light in general. It sounds like it can represent most any light, however it's probably significant that Astrapé is actually known as the Greek goddess of lightning. This would suggest that "lightning" is the correct translation.

The idea of the light of His return mimicking a breaking dawn does go hand-in-hand with him claiming the role of Morning Star from Lucifer, as that star which precedes the rising sun, which you can view at about 4:30am these days.

Just thinking out loud here like a typical deceiver from hell. Any input is welcomed.
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