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Subject Martinus, cosmology and a vision of the future.
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Original Message Anyone ever heard of this person?

Martinus’ prophesies for the future:

Many people would be skeptic about many of the ideas and conclusions presented above, and therefore it should also be mentioned that Martinus recommended people to retain a healthy skepticism and a critical attitude towards the work he had presented. Thus, he said on several occasions that nobody should feel obliged to believe blindly in any of what he had said or written, but if his ideas had caught your attention, you should investigate closely if he was right and let nature and the universe," The book of Life” be the judge.

Therefore it could be interesting to look for a short moment on a number of prophesies about the future which Martinus gave both orally and in the written word, as early as 1932, prophesies which seemed totally absurd and far-fetched at that time, but which nevertheless are close to being fulfilled by now.

1. We would develop an automatised ability to calculate which would make us able to undertake practically any form of calculation we wanted at lightning speed, almost regardless of its complexity...With our knowledge of the modern computer technology we can see, that this prophesy has long ago been fulfilled.

2. We would develop a technology which would make us unemployed at first, but later on give us freedom and spare time which could be the basis of a future acceleration of the moral and spirit of the individual. In other words, the future would manifest a spare-time society of an impressive standard - both materially and spiritually.---- As we all know, the first part of this prophesy is already manifesting, and everything speaks for the other part to become true, sooner or later.

3. Our society would move away from the use of money as we know it. In stead, personal payment cards would be used which can transmit payment for goods and merchandises all around the globe. In other words, the future society would be a money-less society.---Also here, the present situation speaks for the truth of Martinus’ visions. (Credit cards)

4. The future technology would end up being controlled by people’s thoughts through the use of the impulses in the brain which accompany human thinking.---With the so-called “eye-mark technology” we have come a step in the direction of the fulfillment of this prophesy, even if direct thought control has not been achieved yet.

5. People would realize that the planet is a living being of macro-cosmic dimensions.---With James Lovelock’s Gaia hypothesis, this part of the fulfillment of Martinus’ prophesy has also begun.

6. People would realize that there are other physical universes than our own, a sort of parallel universes with which we are able to exchange both matter, energy and information under special circumstances. The newest research within quantum physics and theoretical physics has begun to make conclusions about the existence of such parallel universes.

7. We would make a number of discoveries and inventions which would make us able to tap energy in unlimited amounts from the so-called empty space. In reality, it is a reservoir of energy, which can be tapped by the use of a simple antenna.--Also here, there’s a development under way within the area of modern physics. Amongst other things quantum mechanical calculations have shown that one cubic centimetre of so-called empty space contains such an amount of energy that it exceeds the amount of energy of the sum total of all the galaxies of the universe. The problem here is just how to get to use it.

On the basis of those partly fulfilled prophesies I will mention another three which to my knowledge have neither been fully nor partially fulfilled, but which are nevertheless very interesting.

8. As a sort of pre-stage to the total control of telepathy we would invent a technology which would enable us under certain conditions to induce impulses directly into the brain of the individual and on the basis of this give him/her a certain experience. One stage in this development would be a sort of TV helmet which transformed radio- and TV signals into relevant b rain processes with the related experiences etc, so that external devices for reception (monitors, screens) became superfluous.---This statement was given by Martinus to the author in the beginning of the sixties, and as far as I know there have been no confirmations apart from the fact that some scientists work earnestly on ideas of this kind as a result of the new and very intense brain research which is going on.

9. We would learn to control a technology which would enable us to de-materialize and re-materialize physical matter and on the basis of this to move it from place to place without noticeable costs. In fact, the transportation system of the future. Well, this technology would even become so refined and perfected, that finally we would be able ourselves to control it through pure thinking. And it would be used on both organic and in-organic materials - both living and dead things.---The only sign of the development of such a technology is the beaming visions of the science-fiction literature. But it has happened before that this literature has predicted later developments in reality, for instance in the case of Jules Verne

10. Within the coming 3,000 years the true human kingdom would be a reality on the Earth and the majority of people have reached a stage of cosmic consciousness through the Great Birth. The first examples of the fulfillment of the cosmic birth would show themselves within the coming two centuries, and hereafter it would become a more and more common phenomena.---This, I assume, is the prophesy by Martinus which has been the least confirmed (apart from the postulates about the new form of sexuality which is on its way), but there is still time to go - so who knows? Under all circumstances the cosmic world picture - both with and without its prophesies - must be regarded as a remarkable creation by a person with a background such as that of Martinus - or for that matter, regardless of his background.

Holism in the cosmology of Martinus

Holism as a way of thinking and understanding the universe is becoming more and more popular within science, advocating the ideas that “everything is related to everything”, “you can’t change a part of a system without changing the whole system” and showing people who everything in the universe is interrelated on many different levels. Not surprisingly, Martinus’ Cosmology, which, according to himself, would help in the process of uniting spiritual and natural science, religion and philosophy, is also a holistic cosmology which describes the interrelations between the different life units or elements in the universe, and the laws these relations follow. Martinus describes how the universe itself is a living being, which in its turn is composed of other living beings which are made up of other living beings and so continuing in infinity. The sum total of all these living beings he calls God, and this divine being is all there exists. The symbol below illustrates this principle - the triangles are life units, and the circles surrounding the triangles are their organisms, and we see how the symbol allows for an infinite number of triangles to exist within the first circle which illustrates the Deity.

As illustrated above, the universe is composed of living beings within living beings within living beings - something which we can easily see. Cells form part of organs which form parts of organisms (such as our physical body9 which again live on planets, and planets are connected to a solar system, itself a part of a galaxy which exists within a universe.

Martinus explains that there are seven primal principles for the manifestation of a living being:

1. The elementary particle.

2. The cell.

3. The organ.

4. The organism (for instance a human body).

5. The planet.

6. The solar system.

7. The galaxy.

And number 8, the universe, in its turn, it an elementary particle within a larger cell, so that the musical scale is a reflection of this universal principle of creation. This is elegantly explained with the following picture:
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