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Subject Intelligent life on Mars and Venus (hidden from Humans)
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Original Message HOW you find this, This is the BOMB.

Near the shore of Earth, lies a desert island nicknamed Moon where both Nirvana and Dragonia have settled down military bases as well as positioned their Armies.

The ocean that is located between Earth and Nirvana is called the Solar Ocean, also known as Oceanus Solaris.

There's a city in Nirvana on the coast of the Solar Ocean right in front of Earth which is the closest city to Earth and because of that it is used as a strategic nodal point that centralizes all the operations of Nirvana towards Earth.

This city is called Mars and has a satellite city denominated Phobos which was artificially projected. Phobos shelters a huge military base - the biggest of Nirvana. The inhabitants of Mars are called Martians.

Venus is the second city of Nirvana in proximity to Earth. Because of that, Venusian soldiers also have a significant presence in the alien war on Earth.

Mars and Venus are so close to Earth that the Confederates of Nirvana have observed very carefully the scientific development on Earth of telescopes (see picture) and other astronomical devices that could lead to the discovery of intelligent life on Mars and Venus.

Space programs and terrestrial expeditions in the outer space of the Solar Ocean were accompanied very closely as well, by extraterrestrial forces. Space probes and other vessels launched by terrestrial tribes towards the cities of Nirvana couldn't find out the true nature of reality regarding Mars, Venus and some other cities.

In order to preserve the structures of terrestrial society without interfering in the free will of earthlings as a whole, Martians and Venusians have dispatched to Earth special military units with the specific mission of altering the lenses of these telescopes and space probes. They have manufactured palpable holograms on Mars (see picture) and Venus using alien technology so that Neutral observers from Earth would find only craters, rocks, boulders, deserts, incompatible atmospheres, too high or too low temperatures or poisonous gases.

Mind reading capability and alien disinformation techniques have also been used on Earth so that terrestrial scientists would never be sure about the existence of intelligent life on Mars, Venus and other cities of Nirvana.

Dragonia has also covered up evidences about the presence of their soldiers on Earth, although some of their alien races presenting a relatively lower level of alien technology have been involved in disastrous accidents in space or unexpected incidents on the surface of Earth.

The aliens of Nirvana and Dragonia consider that reality is only a description : a dynamic description. For them, you can't imprison reality in a cage. If you can't repeat an experiment or show it live simultaneously on several channels of national or international television on Earth, then it has never occurred.

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