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Subject “The American” makes Endangered Species List!
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Original Message By JB Williams Tuesday, October 13, 2009

This column is the subject of a book I am working to finish, as justice to this topic cannot be done in a single column, or even a short series of columns.

But it is such a pressing matter at this moment in American history that I didn’t want to wait for book publication to address the very real threat to freedom inherent with the death of uniquely American principles and values.

“The American” is officially on the list of endangered species today, and unless we do something to save this vital species quickly, freedom will exist nowhere on earth. Doubt this statement for even a second, at your own peril!

After 232 years of unparalleled freedom, liberty and prosperity, the United States of America is on the brink of collapse. Yes, in part due to evil political forces who long ago sold their souls for an ounce of wealth and power, pushing the nation into a corner to further their quest for even more power—but to a larger degree, due to the decline of the American spirit from sea to shining sea.

The land of the free and home of the brave is now controlled by the entitlement generation. That magical generation that comes along in every free society, once the people at large have forgotten the price and value of individual freedom.

Once the people have been trained to despise that which we all once held in common, the love of freedom and liberty, and focus all attention upon that which divides, our racial, religious, sexual and economic “diversity,” placing that which divides us above that which once united us, the nation cannot stand!

Class envy becomes the driving force in all political decisions. Deep seated division and dissention rule the day and people look to take that which they feel entitled to, from those who used their freedom to “earn.”

To be sure, we currently have the most corrupt anti-American government in the history of the United States. But what bothers me more is how we got here, and how the decline of “Americanism” is likely to make matters much worse, before things can get any better.

At the end of the day, the American people get the government they vote for, and today too many Americans are voting for a government that promises “free stuff” in place of “freedom.” There is no running from this reality.

As is the purpose of a good vacation, I had the opportunity to leave the phone, email and news behind and spend a few days in the sun and surf with my family. It gave me an opportunity to clear the cobwebs. It also provided an unexpected but interesting lesson which I want to share with readers.

Years ago, you couldn’t get a half a mile off shore in the Gulf of Mexico without having a family of dolphin swim up beside the boat and almost leap into the boat and pop a top with ya. This time, the dolphin wouldn’t come within twenty feet of the boat, and I couldn’t help but wonder what had changed.

In talking with a local area boat captain later that evening, I learned that the local government had outlawed feeding dolphin some years earlier, instituting a $10,000 fine if you are caught feeding dolphin even once.

We have never fed the dolphin in the first place, but apparently, many others had and over time, the dolphin had become too friendly with boaters, too dependent upon meals from vacationers and eventually, an endangered species in the Gulf as the dolphin either died from a boat prop, or had lost the ability to feed themselves after snow birds returned home up north.

The only way to save the dolphin was to outlaw the feeding of dolphin, so that these beautiful mammals could regain their ability to survive in the wild.

And then it hit me, how odd that we were able to figure out the damage done to dolphins by making them dependent upon “free food” – but could not make the same judgment in light of the life long damage done to entire generations of human beings, by the same mistakes that had cost dolphins and many other species their very lives, to the point of extinction in some cases.

I began to wonder why we were intelligent enough to recognize the dangers involved in free-feeding dolphins, but not see the same dangers involved in free-feeding human beings, creating the same kind of dependencies that put many other species on the endangered list.

Then I realized – if dolphins could vote, it would still be legal to feed them…

Welfare is not an act of personal generosity. It is a political strategy for gaining and holding power.

Charity requires the consent of the giver, without which, it’s tyranny, not charity.

Today’s “left” (the current cabal running Washington DC) is only generous with the earnings and assets of others. How many times do we have to see the embarrassing charitable donations, or lack thereof, in people who preach about welfare the most?

Barack Obama and Joe Biden have the worst history of personal charitable giving of any two men to ever enter the White House, yet they are the most “welfare” minded individuals in US history. Though they have a dismal record of giving personally, they demand that all others make sacrifices for the “needy,” which they have never made individually.

As I have said before, welfare is not an act of charity or generosity. It is an act of tyranny against America’s most productive, and a political strategy aimed at empowering people like Obama and Biden, not average citizens.

If dolphins could vote, we would be encouraged to feed them in order to gain their political support, and in the end, their political dependency upon those who promise to feed them forever.

But since dolphins can’t vote, we can’t free-feed them.

Since government dependents make perfect Democrat voters, we must continue to feed them even though the result is an entire generation of entitled dependents increasingly unable to feed themselves in the wild.

The end result is a dying breed in the land of the free and home of the brave. “The American” is officially on the endangered species list as a species no longer as interested in personal freedom as socio-economic equality – A growing number of Americans who have been trained by their feeders to feel entitled to the spoils of others who have toiled and sacrificed for the natural fruits of their labor.

So long as American citizens continue to choose the life of a parasite, free-feeding upon the benefits earned by others, they will continue to vote their feeders into power. For a time, this will seem a fantastic victory for the “have-nots” until the atrophy of individual survival skills sets in, and the “haves” opt out, leaving the feeding trough empty.

What happens next will shock many Americans. When those who have been trained not to feed themselves are no longer being fed by others, they will first turn to violence, and then, begin to die completely ill-prepared to survive on their own.

What has been done to this generation of American citizens, all in an evil political strategy aimed at empowering the political elite while enslaving both “haves” and “have-nots,” is nothing short of criminal.

If there is a $10,000 fine for free-feeding dolphin, there should be mandatory life imprisonment for those who insist upon free-feeding human beings. Destroying the life of a dolphin is bad enough, but doing even worse to human beings is unforgivable.

In the end, nobody will react more violently than those who were so easily fooled by the promise of free-stuff. None will be more aggressive in their demands for access to the earnings of others. – None will pay a greater price for the disaster they created either!

[link to canadafreepress.com]
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