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Subject Obama and G-7 Head of State given UFO/ET briefing documents as disclosure information war escalate
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Original Message Obama and G-7 Head of State given UFO/ET briefing documents as disclosure information war escalate

[link to www.examiner.com]

Article VI in an ongoing series on the Obama administration and extraterrestrial disclosure.

The information war to secure or deny disclosure by the U.S. government of long-standing secret human-extraterrestrial liaison programs has escalated to new levels with the public release by the Disclosure Project of the summary of a Special Presidential Briefing Document given to U.S. President Barack Obama, and the Head of State of a G-7 nation, which unconfirmed reports have indicated may be France’s President Nicolas Sarkozy.

In a letter dated October 24, 2009, Disclosure Project director Steven Greer MD states, “the summary of the Special Presidential Briefing (SPB) that we have provided to the President and to his senior military and intelligence team, the full Briefing contains detailed information on the projects, project code numbers, names, corporations, locations etc., associated with the UFO/ET subject. (The full briefing is too lengthy to release at this time.) In short, the President now has the key information that he needs to act. The President must now engage in executive action to oversee, control, and direct these operations for the benefit of the American people and the world.

“This SPB has also been provided to the head of state of at least one G7 country, senior
members of Congress, and other key government officials via known and reliable points
of contact (POCs) directly to these leaders.”

The Disclosure Project has requested that the summary and transmittal letter be published in their entirety, and these are set out later in this article. Dr. Greer asks readers to contact Mr. Obama and the U.S. Congress with their opinions on extraterrestrial disclosure.

The Disclosure Project held a May 9, 2001 Press Conference at the National Press Club with a number of high-ranking former governmental, military and scientific witnesses related to the UFO and extraterrestrial presence.

Disclosure information wars

Some analysis indicates that there appears to be an information war underway to either accelerate UFO/ET disclosure by the Obama administration, or delay or prevent it through known disinformation techniques. In this war, it is difficult to confirm sources or precise dates or outcomes.

One Oct 21, 2009 article entitled “Official disclosure of extraterrestrial life is imminent” reports that “An official announcement by the Obama administration disclosing the reality of extraterrestrial life is imminent. For several months, senior administration officials have been quietly deliberating behind closed doors how much to disclose to the world about extraterrestrial life. Dissatisfaction among powerful institutions such as the U.S. Navy over the decades-long secrecy policy has given a boost to efforts to disclose the reality of extraterrestrial life and technology.”

The article adds, “Finally, two independent and confidential sources have revealed to me [reporter Michael E. Salla, PhD] that face to face meetings have recently occurred between U.S. military officials with one or more groups of extraterrestrial visitors. This has allegedly led to confidence being built for future cooperation with the extraterrestrials that will be formally announced to the world public either at the end of 2009, or early 2010.”

ABC Alien Invasion series V : Preemptive propaganda against real Extraterrestrial Disclosure

One analyst has remarked that a major ABC-TV alien invasion series “V” appears to be designed as “preemptive propaganda against real extraterrestrial disclosure.”

This analyst states, “Now, considering that ABC will only run four episodes in 2009 during November with the remainder set for the spring of 2010, and given the current meme regarding UFO disclosure on November 27th, we can't shake the feeling that what we will be witnessing might have something to do with the Illuminati's ritual called the Revelation of Method: the usage of symbolism in popular entertainment for complete mass mind control.

“We think the latest ABC alien invasion series V is clearly a preemptive propaganda against real Extraterrestrial Disclosure.

“If you don't believe, maybe we need to remind you of the pilot for the X-Files' spinoff, the Lone Gunmen, which depicted a U.S. Government plot to crash a hijacked Boeing airplane into the World Trade Center. The pilot, which was co-written by X-Files creator Chris Carter was filmed in New York and Vancouver, B.C. and was first aired on Fox TV on March 4, 2001.

“Six months before the tragic events on 9/11.”

Is Obama “a potentially transformative American President”?

In his October 23, 2009 transmittal letter, Disclosure Project director Steven M. Greer MD states, “Nine months after the inauguration of a new and potentially transformative American President, we await significant progress on official Disclosure on the UFO/ET subject. While the UK, France, Denmark, Brazil and other countries around the world have increasingly opened their official government files, the US is found lagging behind her sister nations.”

Whether Obama is a potentially transformative American President appears to be a key factor in efforts directed at securing disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence by educating and lobbying the Obama administration.

Some opinion, notably that of some members of a panel at the Barcelona Exopolitics Summit, July 25-26, 2009, believes that Obama lacks the political strength or vision to champion extraterrestrial disclosure early in his term. You can view a Project Camelot video of this panel by clicking here or below.

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