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Subject Story of my awakening which envolves a masonic temple, mushrooms, meditation, orbs, sirius sattilite radio, and many synchronicitys
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Original Message ive never posted anything anywhere in my life except for an ad on craigslist so please bear with me, im not much of a writer but anyhow, here it goes. i consider myself to be awoken. before i was awake i was totally oblivious to practically everything that i now know. ive always loved nature and most animals but never did i look at them and care about them like i do now. my whole perception of life and this world changed on july 2, 2005. before that day i had never even heard of the illuminati and wasnt really sure what a freemason was. i had been living in a masonic temple called the lambskin temple that was converted into lofts for about 5 months. about a year before that i started too work out regularly, in doing so i decided to learn about nutrition and in the process found out alot of things about the fda that i didnt like. it was the first time i really found out that we are being lied to and thing arnt as they appear to be. about 6 months before i moved into the temple i had a new friend pop into my life and one night we started too get into an argument about 9/11. he said it was an inside job and people like me didnt wanna do anything about it and i said he was crazy and kicked him out of my apartment. that was the first i heard of anything like that and i really didnt bother looking into it then either. around this time i started practicing meditation and was learning a little bit about chakras. so i will skip ahead moving to moving into the lambskin temple. still had no idea what a freemason was. so by the time i moved in there i had begun spending time with an old friend who i had not seen for more than five years. he is a big part of the syncronicitys in my story. so after living in the temple for a few months my old friend who i had been spending more time with decided to let me borrow a copy of behold a pale horse. thats when things started to really change. 2-3 months later my old friend brought by a half pound of some golden teachers, for those of you that are confused they are hullucinogenic mushrooms. i always had alot of really good kind bud and hash around then so him bringing over that amount of mushrooms wasnt out of the ordinary. i planned on selling all of them and maybe taking an eighth since at the time i was dabbling, again,. in heroin and pain pills. ive done my share of hallucinogens in the past so im very experienced with them. so like i said i had been practicing meditation for a year so one night when i was alone i decided to eat an eighth of the golden teachers and do some meditating. july 2, 2005. this was the day i was really awoken. shortly before moving into the temple i got sirius sattilite radio. i basically had it on 24/7 and it was always on the same station, 26 left of center. so about an hour after eating my eighth the coolest song i ever heard came on the radio, it was called the happy song, i looked at the screen to see who it was by and the name of the band is the ALIENS. so after that i decided to stare at my braided ficus tree for awhile. i was having such a good trip at that point , seeing alot of colors, very empressed from just an eighth. i decided to eat more and ended up eating about 14 grams total. i felt like i was in complete control of everything, it was like all of my senses were hightened. so i was looking out of my bedroom window at the hospital i was born in, barnes hospital in st.louis. that was right infront of me and to the left of it is forest park and the science center, a place i am very suspicious of now. so i start to see these orbs of light fly by which totally amazes me. like i said ived tripped many time before and know when i am hallucinating. these lights were real and something that i have never seen before. so id say the third light floats by and then it stops, which startled me because somehow i knew that it stopped because i was there. so after about 10 seconds of staring at this orb of light that at the time i honestly thought that it was god or an angel, the light started to get brighter and at that point i could litterally feel it inside of me. it was like the most peaceful feeling ive ever felt in my entire life. it felt like ecstasy. if anyone can give me some insight as too what exactly happened or what it was you think i saw i would very much appreciate it. i ended up eating all 6 ounces of golden teachers in july that year. i saw the orbs almost every time. sometimes they would stop for a few seconds and blink but they never got brighter or i never felt them like i did the first night. the best words i can use too describe there orbs are conscious energy. after that happened i began researching many things which led me many places including here. im pretty sure that what happened had something to do with the ley lines where the temple was built , the mushrooms of course, and meditating. i was also smoking alot of hash durring these trips. i was positive that i was getting messages from my sirius radio. one other thing that makes me wonder. i was born with club feet and spent alot of time in a shriners hospitol when i was 1-2 years old getting corrective surgery done. ive always felt like i was being watched or that i was known about by a group of people whi i do not know.
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