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Subject OK, GLPers - I need educated opinions on these questions
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Original Message MODS, I'm asking a huge favor - would you pin this for me for 'just a couple hrs.' so I can get some intelligent answers to my questions......please, please, please......just a couple hrs.?

I'll try to put it all in a nutshell- try.
18 months ago I had to have a stress test. Total $1360. I have no insurence and asked the heart assocation if I could make monthly pmts. They said (in writing) that it was ok as long as I made reg.monthly pmts.(nothing said about min pmts.)I made 30.00 a month pmts. (thats all I could afford)I have made pmts religiously every month and have proof of doing so.
Yesterday I received a letter from the heart ass. telling me that they appreciate that I have paid monthly pmts all along but, because they are not charging interest or monthly service fees that they are now going to give me 1 of 2 opitions to pay it-my balance ($635.00)off.
Quoating the letter." Increased cost of monitoring your account, generating and mailing statements has required us to contact you regarding your current payment arrangement."

these are my options:
#1: I can have a 50% discount on the balance, total being $317.50 (then it will be paid in full)and have 2 months to pay it off. Yes, great option IF I had the $158.75 to pay for 2 months.
#2: If the above is not feasible, they will have to increase my monthy pmts to $150.00/month until the $635.00 is paid in full.

They closed the letter with what I see as a threat - that if I do not call them within 7 days of recieving the letter to make a choice of the 2 opitions they will "BE FORCED to send my account to an outside collection agency to monitor my monthly pmts."

I have 3 question for you GLPers.and I"m asking those who actually know - not people who are guessing ---I can guess for myself..thanks

1- I've made regular monthly pmts, Can they sick a collections agency on me?

2- they now have me pissed off - I've been doing the right thing and paying it off monthly to the best of my ability - if I choose to say F-U and not pay anymore, can they put a lein on my home?

3- please explain what I percieve to be a threat. What kind of threat is the closing statement? And if I continue to send a pmt each month without them sending me a statement - am I still in trouble with the collections agency or anyone for that matter?

PS: I don't give a rats ass about my 'credit score' creditscores are bullshit any way. ( a friend of mine has always paid cash for everything his whole life and his credit score is lower than mine)credit scores are important to the people who want to steal our hard earned money, the govt., the banks, the big pharma, big corps. insurance companies, etc....
I just need some educated opinions......thanks to anyone who helps me out here. :)
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