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Subject BREAKING: NASA Images Earth Sized Spherical Objects Inside Corona of SUN (UPDATE: 5/4/2010)
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Original Message UPDATE:5/4/2010
Here is a nice image showing a sphere from another ground based observatory 5/4/2010...three o'clock position...click image for zoom.

[link to swrl.njit.edu]

UPDATE: 4/26/2010

Krispy71 has posted a thread showing spherical objects in the images which have recently been released from the (SDO) Solar Dynamics Observatory...can't wait to see the images updating minute by minute...or will that ever happen?

Thread: Evidence of Black Orbs in new SDO sun-movie

Thanks again Krispy for your contribution.

UPDATE 3/05/10:Another amazing image from ground based Big Bear Solar Observatory.

[link to i556.photobucket.com]


UPDATE 02/21/2010: Below are two images taken just a few minutes apart according to the timestamps...the first image is taken from Big Bear Solar Observatory which is in Big Bear City, California (Earth) ...the second image is taken from SOHO satellite (space) which is positioned between the Earth and the sun...It is my opinion that these are the same spheres being detected by two completely different imaging devices at nearly the same time...let it be known by all that I do not claim to know what they are...but it sure has my attention.

fullc12 cr 20100216_2


hfullc crohfullbc_ml

I made a new video of the "black dot" anomaly on the STEREO Behind images...It was very hi-res on my laptop but lost a lot of resolution upon uploading...anyhow...here it is.

Here is an amazing video created by GLP user "tazzz". Great work.

Most recent thread summary by 2cents….

1) Original post exploded and sent thousands of intrigued readers to investigate these NASA images.

2) Many more images began to be linked and posted with these objects including NASA movies.

3) Creative people began to make videos showing comparisons of these objects and now this topic is ablaze on many, many other forums and blogs.

4) Debunkers finally arrived and after a hard fought battle over many pages were proven insignificant.

5) NASA responds with their typical “equipment malfunction” citing “image compression” as the cause for the objects.

6) NASA changes story and stated that “cosmic rays” hitting the instruments detector was causing these artifacts to show on the images.

7) At the same time as NASA’s announcement, all of their hi-res image databases stopped updating and they announced a CCD BAKEOUT maintenance period. (In short, they cut off our supply of recent hi-res images)

8) February 2nd 2010, CCD BAKEOUT is now over and new images are being observed.

9) It was confirmed that these objects were being captured by at least four different satellites separated by tens of millions of miles. (STEREO AHEAD, SOHO, STEREO BEHIND AND GOES-14)

10) Spheres being captured at same time and at same location on the sun from satellites and from GROUND BASED observatories.

11) I will try and post this summary often so people can stay tuned in with the current facts, also many images, theories and storylines have arisen on this thread so I would suggest you take your time to read as much of the thread as possible but at least, periodically check the main page for updates.


(NOTE: These objects have been on every image since around Jan. 18th and are moving around the sun even as we speak)

Somewhere around Jan. 18th, several objects starting appearing on many of the EIT images both ahead and behind. Here are a few images but there are many, many more images to research other than what I have linked here.

UPDATED 02/21/2010: (2cents opinion after the first 195 pages of this thread.)

OK...I have read every single word in this entire thread since the beginning as well as looked at every image posted or linked...watched all videos except the few music videos posted...
I have done my own research while the commited few have done an excellent job manipulating images and making videos...thanks for all you've done (you know who you are)

My conclusion at this point is this...after discovering the spherical objects on several GROUND BASED observatory images...I have no clue as to what the hell those things are...please...please...keep on looking and researching..........I think there's more we will be finding
in the coming days. 2cents

This was posted on page 109

Here is NASA's explanation of them:

[link to www.colinandrews.net]

Dear Mr. Andrews -

(Sorry not to make this more original, but we've had a number of questions
about these features since the Deep Space Network Central Data Recorder
(CDR) failure last week, and this is a cut-and-paste that I've been using to reply to
a lot of them. No disrespect intended, but very busy currently with writing
proposals for a Senior Review that decides whether to continue funding our
missions. Please let me know if this isn't comprehensible.)

What you're seeing are compression artifacts, highly magnified. We have to
compress the images digitally in order to keep a good rate of taking them and still
be able to telemeter them back (across an increasing distance, which weakens the
signal and limits how much data we can send per unit time) to earth. The images
you are looking at in the video are "space weather beacon mode" images that are
telemetered down nearly continuously:

[link to stereo-ssc.nascom.nasa.gov]

in near-realtime, and are both binned (undersampled spatially, down to 512 x 512
pixels) and heavily, lossily compressed digitally onboard (analogous to the various
JPEG compression settings on a digital camera, but much more severe). Then
they're made available on the Website in a variety of magnifications or "upresings"
which only magnify the artifacts. Usually, by now (that is, three days or more after
the data were obtained), we'd have the full-resolution (2048 x 2048 pixel) images,
which are much less heavily, but still lossily, compressed, and are played back to
a Deep Space Network (DSN) ground station via the high-gain antenna on one of
the STEREO spacecraft. Unfortunately, a piece of ground hardware at DSN failed,
and we're only now catching up on the full-resolution data from January 18 onward
--- except the lower-resolution (512 x 512) beacon mode data. People first started
seeing the odd images around that date, when there was a moderate solar
energetic particle event, but those up-resed images have now been replaced on
the SSC Website with the full resolution ones. DSN has caught us up to January
20, the last time I checked.

The compression artifacts are particularly obvious when a particle (cosmic ray or
solar energetic, charged particle) hits the CCD detector on the spacecraft
head-on. (Grazing hits show up as bright streaks.) The compression scheme has
a hard time mathematically representing sharp, single- or few-pixel features, and
you get a characteristic pattern of a bright dot in the middle of a compression
block (a subsection of the image) surrounded by a pattern of dark dots.


Joe Gurman

(Dr.) Joseph B. Gurman
STEREO Project Scientist
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 776788

:upload fou: :upload new: 323 324 325 two: :Capture: :gridgreen:

Discovered this link while doing some research and was blown away by what these people were reporting 10 years ago.
[link to www.tmgnow.com]

[link to www.examiner.com]
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