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Subject KURT COBAIN & the 4th REICH
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Original Message April 8, 2005

By Warcry
[email protected]

Kurt Cobain was found dead, gunshot wound to the head on April 8th 1994 - 11 years ago today. Collectively, life still sucks. It’s even worst then it was 11 years ago.

The Nirvana song that really hits home for me these days is “Stay Away”. Kurt screamed – stay away! through that song like he hated to be bothered by anyone for any reason. I can relate to that immensely. Isolation of course takes its toll on artists, but so does being around the wrong people. Unfortunately one gives up on being around the right people, just to avoid the wrong people.

I’m sure all the drugs didn’t help stabilize him either. Many women hating types blame his wife for his death, as if they were intimately involved in Kurt’s marriage and were in a position to judge his relationship with his wife. Yet they judge her like vultures, except at least vultures wait till you are dead before they pick you apart. Kurt was protective of his wife while he was alive.

I would just like to thank and remember Kurt Cobain for sharing his art, his music and life with the global millions that thronged to see Nirvana. His music came straight from the “pit of his nauseous burning” heart. (The words from his suicide note.) A heart so big, so broken... and yet we are immeasurably thankful that he shared his screaming flaming genius.

When I saw him sing, he reminded me of a thin wire that conducts electricity. His electricity was perhaps too great for the wire to handle, and he short-circuited, but the electricity was definitely flowing from some part of the universe. In that way he was a divine presence. He was in so much pain, so tormented, haunted, but nevertheless, was incredibly and fiercely uncensored and passionate. His life was short, perhaps not too sweet, but liberating on a personal level millions will understand, liberating to us children that listened. “Here we are now” stuck in hell still. No way out and feeling suicidal.
(Hey that rhymes!)

“I hate myself and want to die,” Kurt wrote. If you can relate to that, it may help you to find a trusting therapeutic relationship to fight your internalized self-rejection, and learn and accept to care for yourself with compassion - in the way that Kurt never did. He referred to himself as a “stain” and other words that expressed self-rejection. It doesn’t matter how many fans you have if you don’t know how to love and respect yourself. It is common for child abuse survivors to have such feelings. Perhaps that is why Nirvana’s music struck such a deep chord with millions.

Kurt’s young death makes me wonder why the sweet bold creative geniuses die so young, while the “evil-doers” that run our country live for so goddamned long – or long enough to destroy our lives, our future and our world.

Remember the picture Kurt used in the back of the “Insecticide” album cover? It was a photo of an abandoned Republican political office that had been all boarded up, and pockmarked with gunshot holes. Whether Kurt did the actual shooting or not, he chose to honor the sentiment by featuring the photo in one of his albums.

From the benefits that he played, we knew that Kurt was pro-choice, pro-feminist, pro-gay, and everything else the Christian Right hates. I can only guess that if Kurt was alive today to witness the rise of the 4th Reich in the U.S – he’d probably want to blow his brains out more than ever, or else, spray some Republican offices somewhere with gunfire.

Sinead O’ Conner once did a lovely cover version of Nirvana’s “All Apologies.” Today, I dedicate Sinead’s song “Nothing Compares to You” to Kurt Cobain.

[link to www.indybay.org]
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