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Manmade Global Warming scientist Professor Phil Jones accused of being unscientific

where is the science???
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03/04/2010 10:04 PM
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Manmade Global Warming scientist Professor Phil Jones accused of being unscientific
[link to www.independent.co.uk]

There are similar issues of public trust involved. With Iraq and WMD we discovered that "the evidence was being fixed around the policy", as one of our heads of intelligence confided in the summer of 2002. With Dr Jones and Climategate, so-called, the same thing is happening professionals are accused of fixing evidence round an international policy of man-made global warming. This isn't to say that man-made warming does or doesn't exist it's the possibility of evidence-fixing, that's the rip that might carry away poor Dr Jones.

The Science Committee leaned on him, sometimes heavily. He's the leader of a three-man team producing very influential climate data. Revelations from his hacked emails have supported a suspicion that he is making a case rather than reporting the evidence. The price tag on the case he is making runs to trillions, so the stakes are high.

In that light, it doesn't look good that his unit has resisted requests to release their data, methodologies, their codes and programmes for general inspection. It's a big Trust Me, a committee member observed.

"I'm a scientist," Labour's Graham Stringer said. "If I want to check your results, I can't."

Dr Jones fiddled with that allegation (he's not without Westminster talent) but the committee didn't look persuaded. His reply to a request for information was quoted: "Why should I make data available to you when you only want to find something wrong with it?" Stringer concluded: "That is unscientific!"