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Message Subject Scrump's News Letter 3/2010 *The United States of Sharia Pt. 2 Ė We Donít Want This!*
Poster Handle ScrumpTheTexan
Post Content
Cherry picking is the act of pointing at individual cases or data that seem to confirm a particular position, while ignoring a significant portion of related cases or data that may contradict that position.

The term is based on the perceived process of harvesting fruit, such as cherries. The picker would be expected to only select the ripest and healthiest fruits. An observer who only sees the selected fruit may thus wrongly conclude that most, or even all, of the fruit is in such good condition.

Cherry picking can be found in many logical fallacies. For example, the "fallacy of anecdotal evidence" tends to overlook large amounts of data in favor of that known personally, while a false dichotomy picks only two options when more are available.

When a person is assigned to advocate a particular position, then cherry picking might be seen as entirely appropriate. For example, defense lawyers are free to present any evidence supporting the innocence of their client. By contrast, while prosecutors are expected to present the strongest case consistent with the facts, they are not permitted to suppress evidence that might support the innocence of the defendant.

Additionally, in common law, guilt has to be proven beyond reasonable doubt and thus the introduction 'cherry picked' evidence by the defence is regarded as entirely appropriate, because, while such data may not prove something in general, it may be successful in introducing the needed minimum level of doubt to successfully defend the case.

However, when a person with a supposedly neutral position cherry picks, for example journalists, scientists, and judges, that is generally regarded as inappropriate.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 919928

And would apply here if I were focusing on an isolated incident & blowing it out of proportion.

I'm not, and you know it.

Are there millions upon millions of Muslims that wake up every day & go to bed every night without a thought of murder ever crossing their minds?

Of course.. some of them are friends of mine.

But is there another religious/political system or even non-human species on the PLANET that does the things that Islam does to it's own & everyone else around it??


Vids & pics please, if so... that's the point of the Op.
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