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Message Subject Scrump's News Letter 3/2010 *The United States of Sharia Pt. 2 Ė We Donít Want This!*
Poster Handle Just me
Post Content
Nice Job Scrump!

I just got on this computer to see that the title of your newsletter is something that I have been screaming about for over 3 yrs now to people.

No one seems to think that it could happen 'here' in the good ole' USA.

I have not read the comments, don't intend to do so. For I have been doing my own research into this for quite some time now.

Anyone that does not think that this could happen 'here' in the States, just look around you.

Then ask yourself...

2-3-4-5-10 or 15 yrs ago.....

How MUCH has this Country 'changed' in such a VERY short period of time?

It is coming, and like a freight train it is at full speed.

Kudos Scrump for seeing it and sounding the alarm!

~God Bless
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