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Subject Pre-Wrath Rapture Teaching of Oden Hentricks on the End-Times who Visited Heaven Over 80 Times in Visions!
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Pre-Wrath Rapture Teaching of Oden Hentricks on the End-Times who Visited Heaven Over 80 Times in Visions!


This is the delightful story of Oden Hetrick's many visits to Heaven in Visions; describing details of THE HOLY CITY OF GOD; its scenes, activities and secrets! Each chapter seems to be about a normal legal size page and the Book can be read in about an hour. Personally, I read a page a day just to mediate on what he had experienced.

Also, Oden has a free copy of his book at this Link: [link to loishetrick.com]


Finally, Oden taught this Teaching on the end-times before 1977 when this listing says it was published. Here is the link to his Outline of End-times.

[link to loishetrick.com]

This is the Teaching found at the Site Above.

Christians in many lands are suffering tribulation, so what does the Church escape? Christians of all ages have suffered tribulation -- some more, some less. But many American Christians know very little about tribulation even though Jesus said, "In the world you will have tribulation." John 16:33.

It is from the GREAT tribulation that we are promised escape and deliverance -- a three and a half year time of wrath at the end of this age. Revelation 13:5 says it is 'forty-two months.' Daniel 12:7 says it is 'time, times, and half a time.'

Daniel's seventy weeks include the atonement for iniquity (Dan.9:24). And Jesus did not fulfill the atonement until after the sixty-ninth week (Dan.9:26). Jesus' three and a half year ministry fulfilled the first half of Daniel's seventieth week, leaving only three and a half years -- the GREAT tribulation -- when Jesus will punish the wicked.

When Jesus spoke to four of his disciples about the end of the age He described four things, events, that will happen in quick succession just before the GREAT tribulation.


After Jesus described 'these things' He said,

"When you see these things,
realize that it (redemption/rapture) is near
even at the doors."
Matthew 24:33

"When these things begin to come to pass...
your redemption (resurrection/rapture) is near."
Luke 21:28

"When you see these things come to pass,
realize that the kingdom (City) of God
is near at hand (soon to appear)."
Luke 21:31

Evidently rapture saints will see 'these things' come to pass. So if you are still here when the world gets dark, don't be afraid; just stay inside, watch, and pray. The darkness will only last about three days; and according to Jesus, your redemption (rapture) will then be very near.

'These things' are outlined below. They follow the beginning of sorrows described in Matthew 24:7-8, Mark 13:8, and Luke 21:9.



Armies invade Israel and capture Jerusalem in the time frame of a few days.
(see Ezk.38, Joel 2, Mark 13:14)

"It will be at the same time
when Gog comes against the land of Israel,
says the Lord God,
that my fury will be aroused...
on that day
the land of Israel will be greatly shaken...
and everyone on the face of the earth
will shake at my presence (appearing)."
Ezekiel 38:18-20

"When you see Jerusalem surrounded by armies,
then realize that its desolation is near."
Luke 21:20
(This is the abomination of desolation
spoken of by Daniel the prophet in Dan.9:7.)
(Compare Matthew 24:15.)


Literal darkness will cover the earth for about three days, during which time the earth will be moved out of orbit.
(See Joel 2:1-3, 9-10, 20, 31, Acts 2:20, Rev.6:12-13.)

"Darkness will cover the earth
and gross darkness the people"
Isaiah 60:2

"The day of the Lord is near...
the sun and the moon will be darkened,
and the stars will not shine."
Joel 3:14-16

Jesus said
"The night is coming
when no man can work."
John 9:4

This darkness will immediately follow the invasion tribulation.
(See Psa.18:3-28, 2 Sam. 22:1-27.)

"...a strong people in battle array
...they shall run here and there
in the city (Jerusalem)...
the earth will quake before them:
the sky will tremble:
the sun and the moon and the stars
will be darkened."
Joel 2:5-10

"Immediately following
the tribulation of those days
the sun will be darkened,
the moon will not shine,
and stars (meteorites) will fall from the sky,
and the powers of the sky will be shaken."
Matthew 24:29

(This verse refers to the capture of Jerusalem and the darkness 'immediately following.' Do not change 'tribulation of those days' to GREAT tribulation of three and a half years.)

The earth and planets will be moved out of orbit at this time -- in a time frame of a few days.

"He shakes the earth
out of its place."
Job 9:6

"I will shake the sky (planet area)
and the earth will be moved out of its place,
in the wrath of the Lord of hosts,
in the day of his fierce anger."
Isaiah 13:13


God and Jesus will appear in the sky in the City of God following the darkness. This is the forty-eight hour 'day of the Lord.'
(See Psa.48:1-8, 97:1-6, Isa.40:5, Acts 2:20, Rev.12:10-12)

"The sun will be darkened,
the moon will give no light,
and stars (meteorites) will fall from the sky,
and the powers of the sky (planet area)
will be shaken. Then
the sign of the Son of Man
will appear in the sky."
Matthew 24:29-30

(The 'sign' is the City and Throne of God.)

"Hereafter you will see the Son of Man
sitting at the right hand of Power
(God on His Throne)
and coming on
(appearing among)
the clouds of the sky."
Matthew 26:64
(see Psa.110:1)


Rapture immediately follows the appearing -- within an hour or so.
(see Mat.6:13, Mark 13:26-27, Luke 21:36, John 14:3, 1 Thes.4:13-17, 2Tim.4:18, Rev.3:10)

"Then shall appear in the sky
the sign (City) of the Son of Man (Jesus)...
and He will send His angels
with a great trumpet sound,
who will gather together
His elect
from the four winds,
from one end of the sky to another."
Matthew 24:30-31

"We know that
when He appears
we will be like Him."
1 John 3:2
(see Jhn.14:3, Col.3:4, 1Pet.5:4, 1Jhn.2:28)

"Now has come...
the Kingdom (City) of our God,
and the power of His Christ...
therefore rejoice you skies
and you (including raptured saints)
who dwell in them.
But woe to those who
inhabit the earth and the sea!
For the devil
has come down to you,
having great wrath
because he knows
that his time is short
(three and a half years)."
Revelation 12:10


GREAT tribulation follows appearing and rapture. This is the three and a half year 'day of the Lord' or 'time of wrath' -- the things that raptured saints escape. (see Luke 21:36)

"The sun will be turned into darkness
and the moon into blood
before the great and terrible
day of the Lord comes."
Joel 2:31

"The sun became black
as sackcloth of hair,
the moon became as blood,
and stars (meteorites) fell to earth
...and the sky (planet area)
was rolled back like a scroll...
and everyone (left on earth)...hid themselves
in caves and rocks and mountains.
And they cried to the mountains
and to the rocks,
Fall on us and hide us
from the face of Him
who sits on the Throne,
and from the wrath of the Lamb.
Because the great day of their wrath
has now come,
and who will be able to stand?"
Revelation 6:12-17

"And he (sea beast) was allowed
to exercise authority for forty-two months
(three and a half years).
And with his mouth
he blasphemed God,
and His Name,
and his dwelling place
and those (including raptured saints)
who dwell in the sky.
And he was allowed
to make war with the saints (on the earth)
and to overcome them."
verse 18 "and his number is 666."
Revelation 13:5-7

So 'these things,' in the question of the disciples, in the answer of Jesus, and 'these things,' that pinpoint the very end of the age, begin with armies invading Israel (Ezk.38).

"When these things begin to come to pass,
lift up your heads and look up,
because your redemption is very near."
Luke 21:28

Our souls must be redeemed now -- washed from sins in Jesus' blood -- our bodies are redeemed when Jesus appears.)

"Behold, I come quickly,
and My reward is with Me
to give every person
according to their work.
Blessed are those
who wash their robes
and keep His commandments,
that they may have right
to the tree of Life
and may enter through the gates
into the City."
Revelation 22:12, 14

"Let us therefore fear,
lest a promise being left to us
of entering into His rest,
any of you should seem
to come short of it."
Hebrews 4:1

We Are Very Blessed!
Thank you for Meditating this Study!

Abba Father and Precious Jesus Not Only Love You, But, They Are, "In Love, With You!" Very Much!" My Pastor Heard This on a Prayer Walk One Day While Praying**
***And I Really Care About You and Love You Too! ;-)

GrandDaddy Really Loves You!

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