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A little help with...Natural- Admiralty/Maritime- Constitutional- Common- Statutory- Law

eh steve
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03/23/2010 12:09 AM
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A little help with...Natural- Admiralty/Maritime- Constitutional- Common- Statutory- Law
I did not write the following but I pinched it off the web. I am not going to credit the author. I'm just not going to put his name here. A lot of what is in the following is not new to me. In fact I credit GLP as a source where I have seen much of this before. I guess what I'm seeking here is links to more in depth research materials regarding the legality of the following. also any leads on legal council if and when you find your corporate man in a legal quagmire.

/quote anonymous/

When we begin understanding the structure of the laws that are already in place we will be able to see the way in which we can walk and will not have to put our trust in man. God has gone before us and prepared the way but we still have to put some shoe leather to it. There are certain laws that are considered higher than others.

The Natural Law or Maxims of Law, which is based more on God's law, which is the highest form of law and reaches internationally.

Admiralty and Maritime is the next highest and is the law of contacts, equity and commerce. ... See More

Next is Constitutional law and is the law that governs a nation.

Next is Common Law, which is based on the common decisions of courts over cases and how those decisions bare on the case at hand.

Next is statutory law made up of all the above laws and is the law most of us are bound to because of our actions and ignorance.

Statutory law was developed to facilitate the money system we have in place now. In 1933 our monetary system changed from a gold and silver standard to Federal Reserve Notes. The gold and silver standard was part of our original jurisdiction government but a new defacto form of government took its place. This new government came into being through a corporation created by the original jurisdictional government. The trademarks for the corporation are "U.S.", "U.S.A.", "USA", "THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT", "United States", and "America". You can see how confusing this could be to most of us. These trademark names resemble the name that is held by our original government. Most of us were none the wiser.

ďA statute is an enactment by a legislative body bringing into existence its creatures (e.g. corporations) and setting forth the privileges, immunities, and responsibilities of each creation. A statute applies only to the "rightful subjects of legislation" (i.e the creatures created by statutory fiat). The phrase "rightful subjects of legislation" does not mean The People, unless the statute specifically states its intent to apply to private Citizens.Ē In a nutshell statutory law was made to govern the entities that were created by the corporate UNITED STATES.

You may be asking what I am talking about? Take a moment to look at your driverís license, credit cards and bills you receive in the mail. Your name is written in all capital letters. According to the rules of English your proper name is first letter capitalized and the rest in lower case. Our laws are based on the rules of English. An all capital letter name represents a trust, corporation, strawman, fiction, company, vessel, etc. The corporate UNITED STATES created a vessel with your name that you later joined to the public trust (social security system) and all of your life you have been doing business in the name of the vessel. This entity is subject to the statutory law that the corporate UNITED STATES enacted to govern it. This is how the corporation gets around the constitution.

When the Social Security Act was passed it was first ruled unconstitutional but that was latter reversed because it was said the people have the right to contract. The law of the contract is the higher law and therefore rules. The problem here is most of us have entered into these contracts unknowingly and without full discloser. By using the benefits of the Social Security System, driverís licenses, marriage licenses, Federal Reserve Notes, etc... we subject ourselves to these adhesion contracts (invisible contracts).

There is good news and may very well be the undoing of this defacto form of government. You can force the UNITED STATES to prove the contract. You cannot do this under the statutory law that they created which makes you prove your innocents. You must pull them into Admiralty and there you have on your side the natural law and you can force them to tell the truth or back down.

The natural law governs the natural man or woman. Admiralty governs the vessel that was created by the government. When you are taken to trial it is not the natural man that is on trial in a statutory court it is the vessel the government created. If you donít believe me look up any case online and the name is always in capital letters. You did not know this and therefore subjected yourself to this court. If you had known your situation, you could have made provision and taken you case into Admiralty. The law that is higher than Statutory law and also governs contracts. Now they have to prove that you the natural man or woman committed a breach of contract. They cannot violate your natural rights in order to do this and one of those rights is you do not have to testify against yourself. This leaves the UNITED STATES to prove you violated a contract or that you damaged them in some way. If this is not possible there is no case.

Take the new health care bill that they just passed. They intend on enforcing it using the IRS as a collection agency. If you donít want to participate you must prepare to stand against them. If you do not prepare yourself ahead of time you will be forced through Statutory law to take their health care.

They have gone around the constitution by getting us to contract with the corporation called the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, which was formed by the Organic Act of 1871. The corporation trade marked the names "U.S.", "U.S.A.", "USA", "THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT", "United States", and "America" which seemed ok at the time because Corp. U.S'. purpose was to fulfill the business needs of the actual government.

In 1913 things began to change with the supposed passage of the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Amendment that changed the way that our senators are elected. The Sixteenth Amendment changed nothing but clarified further Corporate U.S'. ability to tax corporations that were created under it's jurisdiction. The Seventeenth Amendment could not have even been considered under the original jurisdiction Construction of the United States of America. The amendment was passed for the corporate U.S. and in the next election the senators began to sit only in the corporate seat and none were appointed to sit in the original government seats. This left our original government seats completely vacant. The government is still there and the Constitution is still alive but no one is there to enforce it.

July 22, 1944 the Bretton woods Agreement Act Quit Claim Deeded the U.S. Corp. over to the IMF. This is evidenced by the transfer of the assets of the United States Treasury to the IMF by stating words to the effect of: 'the United States Treasury is now the Individual Drawing account of the IMF'. The person the President chose as Governor of the World Bank and IMF is Corp. U.S'. Secretary of the Treasury as stated at; USC 22 § 286a ďThe President, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, shall appoint a governor of the Fund who shall serve as a governor of the Bank".... See More

Since that time we have a foreign interest controlling the corporation. The states had to do business with the corporation but their Constitutions would not allow them to operate in foreign currencies and/or foreign loans, foreign bonds, etc., and yet they were dealing in the foreign note system of Federal Reserve Notes. Corp. U.S. went to the States and pointed out to them the problem and starting around 1962 and continuing through 1968 the States join Corp. U.S.

It is here that the States began to forsake their original jurisdiction government and rewrite their constitutions and laws. For instance The California Republic, formed "THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA"; The Republic of Texas formed "THE STATE OF TEXAS"; The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, formed "THE STATE OF PENNSYLVANIA"; and so it went, until each and every State had formed a private corporation of a name like "THE STATE OF _______". Now since we began to deal with a corporation instead of a government the way that things are carried out are completely different.

A few years back I was watching a program on educational TV that explained how the Social Security System was started. If I had not been educating myself about the system I would have not understood what really took place. The first time the Act was passed it was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. Later that decision was reversed because it was declared that the people have the right to contract.

In order for us to contract with the corporation we had to have a vessel for us to operate in commerce with. So the corporation created for us a trust, called the Social Security Trust, and an entity, which they allowed us to make grantor of the Trust and we became the guarantor. You can look at your licenses and credit cards and all of the bills you get through the mail and see your name is in all capital letters. You might say there is nothing to this but consider that our laws are based on the rules of English and according to the rules of English our proper name is first letter capitalized and the rest in lower case. Names written in all capital letters signify a corporation, trust, strawman, vessel, ect. Want further evidence just look up the definition of the word person in the tax code. [link to www.law.cornell.edu]

Now, the problem is a contract is not under the laws of the Constitution but under rules that are written in the contract. The only thing that has given the Constitution any authority is because it could not be done away with all at once or people would revolt. So little by little as we continue to go before the courts not understanding our status we get pushed further away from the truth. The truth is the Constitution was created to limit government. The Creator not man gives our rights to us. The contracts we have entered into have been without full discloser and therefore can be reversed.

We enter into these contracts by using a benefit provided by the Corp. U.S., but realize it is not the natural man that entered into the contract but the fiction. For us to change our present situation people need to begin to learn how our laws work and how this present form of government operates.
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07/29/2021 06:45 PM
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Re: A little help with...Natural- Admiralty/Maritime- Constitutional- Common- Statutory- Law