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Militias framed to drive a wedge between police and patriots.

what could be more obvious
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United States
03/30/2010 11:32 AM
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Militias framed to drive a wedge between police and patriots.
It is just so unlikely that Christian militia would kill a cop and then go after the funeral procession, to stave off the Antichrist, who isn't even here yet. LMFAO!

This is a completely ridiculous idea. Only a desperate Illuminati could come up with dumb idea like this. Usually the Illuminati are pretty smart, but this time they are laughable.

I use to live in Washtenaw county in Michigan where I attended a top 10 university, the U of M. and there is also Eastern Michigan there. Even the right wing Christians are intellectuals in this county. And that's why they fear them.

This story is just about as silly as they come. Reminds me of the underwear bomber and so many others.

The Illuminati do not want the cops to side with their Christian supporters against them so they are frantically trying to get these two groups fearing and fighting with each other.

Problem is: neither cops nor Christians are this dumb. We know the game now. The media can fuck off too.