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Subject Neal Adams - Growing Earth interview - Art Bell August 12th 2006
Poster Handle Free Planet
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Neal Adams - Growing Earth interview - Art Bell August 12th 2006
[link to mikephilbin.blogspot.com]

the recent spurt of geological activity (earthquakes and volcanoes) in Chile, California and Iceland brings me back to Neal Adams' Growing Earth theory. The major consequence of the 'fitting together of the continents across BOTH the Atlantic AND the Pacific oceans' is the earth needed to be ONE QUARTER the size it is today. This also means that the gravity of the earth in the time of the dinosaurs was 1/4 what it is today - allowing for the massive dinosaurs to exist. Neal Adams' theory also applies to every planet in the solar system, and potentially even the Sun itself.

Here's the three-part audio interview of Neal Adams by Art Bell on COAST TO COAST's August 12th 2006 broadcast.

Part One
Part Two
Part Three

Even though the question, "Where did the extra mass for the Growing Earth come from?" isn't fully resolved, it's rivetting stuff.

Further reading: the pilloried Australian geologist Samuel Warren Carey and Nobel prize winning physicist Carl David Anderson.
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