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I Will Not Go Quietly Into The Night

Frosty Wooldridge
04/29/2005 11:17 AM
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I Will Not Go Quietly Into The Night

I Will Not Go Quietly
Into The Night

By Frosty Wooldridge

"At the current rate of invasion of three million annually, the United States will be completely overrun with illegal aliens by the year 2025. I´m not talking about legal immigrants who follow US law to become citizens. In less than 20 years, if we do not stop the invasion, ILLEGAL aliens and their offspring will be the dominant population in the United States," said Jim Gilchrist, director of the Minute Man Project.

According to US Border Control, "Illegal aliens will have made such inroads into the political and social systems that they will have more influence than our Constitution over how the U.S. is governed. The ugly consequence of an ignored U.S. Constitution is already taking place."

"I am a 47 year old American who lost my job to outsourcing," said Ken Boettger from Ellensburg, Washington. "I have spent the last of my retirement and am at my wits end. And I will tell you what, I WILL NOT GO QUIETLY INTO THE NIGHT!"

"If those in government think they can control us, like Iraq, they better think again," Boettger said. "The new microwave systems, sonic amplifiers and more will be turned against them. Hackers, engineers, physicists and others are ready to respond to the call. WE are the ones they have abused. And just as was with Oppenhiemer, Einstein and others in their days, so too it will be in our days to come."

"Bush, and those giving him his direction, continually overstep their competency and their understanding of the will and capability of the American people,"

Boettger said. "I believe, in the end, they are going to get similar treatment they gave to Saddam. I had no love for Saddam, but I will tell you what, my dislike for George Bush is tangible and far worse. His father and those who work behind the scenes in controlling this nation are worse than the son. Their arrogance and pride will only make things worse for them in the end. I am in front and will likely fall, but there is a very large wave behind me. As Einstein said, Hitler´s fault was that he turned the whole world against him. SO TOO BUSH and the elite in this country!"

How many readers find themselves betrayed by this president that refuses to honor his oath of office? How many stand in unemployment lines while Bush struts about his Washington parties? How many see their jobs outsourced? Why has our national language been usurped by illegal aliens? Why have our schools been overrun? What has happened to our health care? Who isn´t affected by the migration invasion?

"They are such idiots in their blind greed and lust for domination and power," Boettger stated.

"I wrote an article about my experience in Boeing as a consultant with green carded Chinese," Boettger said. "Boeing looked the other way. They did not give a damn as long as they had cheap labor. I say Boeing, but it was actually corporate. It was the corporate elite in this country. No different than the elite in other suppressed nations. No different than the Third Reich (GOP)."

"The corporate elite have a corporate nation that has no geographical boundaries," Boettger said. "They have set up shop outside the US to survive the great fall. And so it is apparent it was premeditated. It is a corporate world government that exists right now and they don´t give a damn about US sovereignty, US soil or the American people. They only care about corporate sovereignty that is in direct conflict with the people and the US Constitution. They hold to no holistic principles, care nothing about the environment, and would sell their own daughters and grandmothers to sexual slavery if they could make a profit. They have NO morals."

Boettger added, "China is in bed with the corporate elite. It was set up from the beginning. It is time to give that alarm. I am the one of the front runners to give that call. Whatever role I play, I am committed to giving my life for what this nation ONCE was. Even if that implies standing against the current government! It looks like some in power are starting to take the lead... and I WILL be there for them. And so I probably will not be around to see the end of it all. But this I hope and I pray."

This Congress, and Bush need to be chased into their old age for what they did to America. "Absolutely everything should be taken away from them," Boettger said. "They should be forced to live in poverty without medical aid. Their kids should be forced to attend schools where no one speaks English. They should suffer the crime, drugs and diseases they perpetrate on Americans with this illegal invasion. God forbid and while I know this is un-Christian like, as I am a Christian, I hope God has absolutely no mercy upon their souls. God forgive me for wishing that upon them. Because if that proves to be true, as I believe it is, they will be terrorized for eternity. Bush invites this illegal alien invasion on my country and children and my fellow Americans, but he better know this--I will not go quietly into the night."

© 2005 Frosty Wooldridge - All Rights Reserved

[link to www.newswithviews.com]
12/08/2005 10:07 AM
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Re: I Will Not Go Quietly Into The Night
Nor will I. Come talk to me, crusaderadio.com at 11-midnight.
Anonymous Coward
12/08/2005 10:07 AM
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Re: I Will Not Go Quietly Into The Night
There´s a growing list of those who will not go quietly. I think TPTB are well aware of this fact. I also think they want to push us to our limits
12/08/2005 10:07 AM
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Re: I Will Not Go Quietly Into The Night
They´ll be glad to drag your ass kicking and screaminggangup

Fighting the PTB is a romantic notion, but those who want to have no friggin IDEA of the power they´re talking about.
Underground nuclear powered cities stretching for miles, nuke power killed in the "real" world so it coulkd be used to power the enclaves of the powerfull. Not to mention tech thats 70 years ahead of EVERYBODY else
The sad truth of the matter is that we are all
Fight all you want, I´m gonna hide my chicken ass under the house and eat my beanie weenies
(probably pissin myself all the while)