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Toddler topples into vat of hot wax

04/29/2005 09:41 PM
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Toddler topples into vat of hot wax

NIAGARA FALLS — An 18-month-old boy who toppled headfirst into a vat of hot wax at a Niagara Falls tourist attraction came out unscathed.

Believe it or not, it happened Thursday night at the Ripley´s museum as a Toronto woman was taking her eight children through the Wax Zone.

She was lined up with a group of tourists who were having glove-like casts made of their hands by dunking them in a vat of hot wax.

While tending the rest of the brood, she left the toddler propped up on the counter near the vat.

The boy accidentally pushed off the lid and plunged headfirst into the thick brew.

Fortunately, his horrified mother plucked him out within seconds.

He emerged layered with a skin of pale white wax.

Andre Ross, assistant general manager at the museum, said the boy was treated at the scene by a member of the staff who was trained in first aid.

"He had no major burns or serious injuries," Ross said.

Museum staff called an ambulance and the boy was taken to Greater Niagara General Hospital, where he was examined and released.

Ruth VanDyken, 20, of Dundas had a model made of her hand.

"It felt like a hot tub," she said. "It wasn´t scalding. It was actually very pleasant."