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Internet Alien Presence, Schumann's Resonances and Human Psychobiology

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04/14/2010 02:04 AM
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Internet Alien Presence, Schumann's Resonances and Human Psychobiology
[link to www.nwbotanicals.org]

" Lewis B. Hainsworth of Western Australia first recognized the relationship of brain wave frequencies to naturally circulating rhythmic signals, known as Schumann's Resonances (SR), in the space between the surface of the earth and the ionosphere. Hainsworth imparted this awareness to Dr. Robert O. Becker, noted electromagnetics pollution expert, and to Harvard neurologists as early as 1975. In 1977, the relationship between brain-wave rhythms and natural earth ELF signals became the basis for Itzhak Bentov's Stalking the Wild Pendulum (Dutton, 1977). Later research confirmed a relationship to health, well-being, and even ESP or psi phenomena.

Hainsworth sent up a clarion cry against hazardous EM pollution. Dangers pale compared to the global threat of technologies such as HAARP, which send violent pulsations into the earth's ionosphere, potentially disrupting the entire electromagnetic shield of the earth. Some suggest that the frequency of the basic SR is changing in value, possibly threatening the whole biosphere, human welfare, and our evolutionary future. All biological processes are a function of electromagnetic field interactions, which are the connecting link between the world of form and resonant patterns. EM fields store gestalts or patterns of information. The bridge connecting solar system resonances and brain frequencies resides in our human DNA helix, which evolved in this environment.

The rhythm of life has evolved at an even tempo for epochs. We live in a matrix of oscillating fields; the tiniest fluctuations in one interlocked field carry over perturbation into others. Many times per second, pulses travel completely around the world between our planet's surface and the ionosphere sending coordinating signals to all organisms. These signals couple us to the global electrostatic field. Named for their discoverer, these Schumann Resonances (SR) provide the orchestrating pulse for life on our planet.

We all march to the cadence of this cosmic drummer -- our planetary heartbeat, which sets the tempo for health and well-being. Damaging this planetary pacemaker could spell doom for life as we know it. In the name of progress and defense, this pacemaker is now threatened, while vast amounts of public money are spent on this exploitation. Even more tax funds are allocated to implement the ill-conceived "Star Wars" missile defense, and the energy beam Project HAARP.

“What is clear is that part of the money voted to Bush’s Star Wars plan will be used for research into space-based lasers,” the Independent reported. “These, we are told, will be used to shoot down the missiles fired in anger by ‘rogue states.’ But they will, inevitably, evolve into weapons aimed at America’s enemies from space. U.S. Space Command doesn’t even bother to hide this fact. The most chilling illustration in Vision 2020 is of such a space-based laser firing a beam of energy at the earth.”

"What the Russians are worried about (as they’re trying to explain in badly translated prose from Moscow’s Interfax News Agency) are U.S. plans to begin large-scale scientific experiments using the Alaska-based HAARP in 2003. Ninety Russian deputies signed the appeal against the HAARP program, charging that the experiments “would create weapons capable of breaking radio communication lines and equipment installed on spaceships and rockets, provoke serious accidents in electricity networks and in oil and gas pipelines and have a negative impact on the mental health of people populating entire regions.” (Fitrakis, 2002)

The ionosphere shields us from deadly radiation from the sun and deep space. Holes are now being routinely punched in this insulating blanket by high-frequency radio waves, and may accidentally tear open the fragile cocoon of human and planetary evolution. Dire consequences could be as devastating as the failure of an individual's pacemaker. First, we will give an overview, then define and describe some terms used here in greater detail deeper in the article.

This environmental rhythm -- the fundamental driving system for all life on our small blue planet -- is jeopardized by human manipulations of the ionosphere, such as project HAARP. It is dangerous to fool with Mother Nature as the results of ozone depletion and other ecological calamities have shown. It might be easy to see that such survival risks don't balance alleged benefits, but targeted research on potential problem areas has been virtually non-existent.

Lewis B. Hainsworth was among the first to suggest that human health is linked with geophysical parameters by way of the naturally occurring Schumann ELF (extremely low frequencies). His hypothesis identified naturally occurring features which determine the frequency spectrum of human brain-wave rhythms. He concluded that the frequencies of human brain-waves evolved in response to these signals. If the hypothesis is correct, conditions for evolutionary changes in human brainwave patterns have now been established.

Hypothesis: "The frequencies of naturally occurring electro-magnetic signals, circulating in the electrically resonant cavity bounded by the earth and the ionosphere, have governed or determined the 'evolution' or development of the frequencies of operation of the principal human brain-wave signals: In particular, the alpha-rhythm is so placed that it can in no circumstances suffer an extensive interference from naturally occurring signals."

Further, variations in them can produce mild to disastrous health and behavioral changes. These waves probably help regulate our bodies' internal clock, affect sleep patterns (REM), and hormonal secretion. The nature of the applied stimulus makes it difficult to identify the responses directly, as they are most likely to occur in the form of stress-related conditions. They will therefore, show up as drastic increases in mental disturbance, anti-social behavior, psycho-somatic conditions, and neurological disturbances. Some electrical field phenomena have already been linked with abnormal cell growth and a decrease in immuno-competency.

All these factors could be expected to lead to the appearance of 'new' diseases, probably accompanied by a decline in resistance to many minor infections: an increase in conditions related to abnormal cell development, including cancer, birth defects, and infertility and an increase in psychological disturbance problems, e.g. drug addiction, and suicides. These existing psychobiological problems will increase in scale, but could be studied for deviations from 'normal' alpha cycles of 10.4 Hz with detectable changes in psychological characteristics and mental abilities.

Hainsworth therefore strongly urged that research be carried out by widespread measurements of the natural SR signals' frequency variations and field-strengths comparing them with resulting figures for the incidence of heart attacks, suicide attempts, road accidents, social violence, domestic accidents, crime, etc. Studies are often conducted in this inferential way, such as those by Krippner and Persinger (1989), searching correlations between the phenomenon of earth lights and tectonic strain with reports of UFO sightings, abduction reports and other anomalous psychophysical experiences, for an electromagnetic correlation to temporal lobe seizures.

The authors also strongly suggest that correlations of broad changes in the modulations of Schumann's Resonance be studied in relationship to microwave radiation, ELF signals, and HAARP, for both immediate and long-term consequences. We have discussed the obvious ramifications of such EM pollution and 10 - 50 Hz modulations on the human system elsewhere ("Synthetic Telepathy," 2001).

We (Miller & Miller) have discussed the benefits for human well being and relaxation to entraining with these natural rhythms in The Diamond Body (1981). When a person is deeply relaxed, slow rhythmic sine wave patterns can be detected in both the EEG and the heart-aorta resonating oscillator in the 6-8 Hz range. Resonance occurs when the natural vibration frequency of a body is greatly amplified by vibrations at the same frequency from another body.

Oscillators alter the environment in a periodic manner. Thus, standing waves in the body, during meditation/relaxation or not, can be driven by a larger signal. Progressively amplified wave forms, created by resonance, result in large oscillations entraining other circuits in the body tuned to those frequencies. A hierarchy of frequencies thus couples our psychophysical selves to the harmonic frequency of the electrical charge of the Earth, which naturally pulses at the same frequencies. This is hardly a coincidence as we are adaptive products of our environment.

Our planet is surrounded by a layer of electrically charged particles called the ionosphere. The lower layer of the ionosphere is roughly 80 km from the crust; this charged layer is known to reflect radio waves. Bombardment by HAARP signals "pushes" out this boundary layer, thus altering the natural pulsating rhythm. Natural fluctuations in frequency occur daily, by the lunar month, and in response to solar flares.

Since this is a highly charged layer, the ionosphere forms a so-called capacitor with the Earth. This means that there is a difference in electrical potential between the two, the Earth being negatively charged and the ionosphere being positively charged. This potential varies somewhat but is around 200 volts/m. This is a fundamental type of electrical generator. The solar winds, interacting with the upper atmosphere rotation, act as a collector and brushes of a generator. The lower atmosphere can be seen as a storage battery for this gradient potential.

This electromagnetic field around the earth can be viewed as a stiff jelly. When our bodies move and vibrate, these movements are transmitted to the environment, and vice versa. These fields not only impinge on our bodies, they also affect the charges inside our bodies. When we are standing on the ground, under normal conditions, we are grounded. Our body then acts as a sink for the electrostatic field and actually distorts the force lines somewhat. Our body also has its own electrostatic field about itself. These field lines are the result of the various biochemical reactions in the body. This resultant bio-field couples us to the isoelectric field of the planet (Miller & Miller, 1981).

In 1957, W. O. Schumann calculated the Earth-ionosphere cavity resonance frequencies, which were then named for him. He fixed the most predominant standing wave around 7.5 Hz. A "tuned system" consists of at least two oscillators of identical resonance frequencies. If one oscillator starts emitting, the other will be activated by the signal very shortly, in the process of resonance, entrainment, or kindling.

Kindling is a term applied, in particular, to the entrainment of neurons in the brain. They are ignited in coherent global patterns producing larger waves across a greater surface of the brain. It becomes obvious that in deep meditation, when waves of alpha and theta rhythms cascade across the entire brain, it is possible for the human being and the planet to come into resonance. There is a transfer of energy and information, which is embedded in a field rather than being a field. Perhaps the planet communicates with us in this primal language of frequencies.

Ample anthropological evidence shows that humans have intuitively synchronized with the planetary resonance throughout human history and back into the mists of time. There is cross-cultural evidence demonstrating a variety of ritualistic practices which enhance this harmonization with the planetary field. Perhaps the most obvious "drivers" of these trance states are shamanic drumming and trance dance, arguably employed for over 50,000 years. Pulsing light is another driver. A further example comes from the use in both the Jewish and Muslim faiths of bobbing and swaying while praying or reading holy books.

This trancing phenomenon can be presumed to ingrain texts at a deeper level and to create "experiences" to go along with conceptual indoctrination. It may also be linked in some manner to hypnotic gesturing (mudras) and speech, and therefore to charisma or so-called "mana" personalities. Mead and Bateson reported a technique transmitted to Balinese children which this culture intuitively employed to harmonize their communities. They discovered that the parents encouraged their children to vibrate parts of their body, harmonizing to the SR cycle. And you can do the same thing; you may already do it unconsciously.

If you sit in a chair and move your foot so that it's resting on the ball of the foot, and you get it at the right angle, your whole leg will start to vibrate. It goes into an oscillation. That oscillation is so close to the SR cycle as to be virtually the same. And that's what Balinese parents encouraged their children to do. It helps them go into trance.

If one looks into a classroom of children, one will notice that the children are never sitting still. Teachers and parents become annoyed, constantly telling them to "Sit still!" They are constantly bouncing their legs; and moving their arms. This may be a natural way in which our body energizes itself. And this may even be the heart and soul of most ceremonial experiences. The body will begin to move, and hands begin to flutter. When one look at the hands of a healer, they are typically fluttering. And if one looks at the older ceremonial practices, where there is less constraint on what they should or should not do, the whole body is usually shaking, fluttering, or in constant motion.

And you'll see this in the Kalahari Bushmen healing dance, where someone is filled with life energy. Every part of their body becomes aroused, hot, and begins shaking. If they grab another person and hug them, that person also begins shaking and may turn and grab someone else. One by one, everyone begins literally vibrate with this pulsing energy. However, by the time it gets to our culture or other contemporary cultures (like Chinese medicine), this phenomena becomes very constrained and expresses through more subtle practice, such as "therapeutic entrainment."

Can anybody intentionally induce this healing/energizing frequency? Yes, certainly. There are all the kinds of little tricks and techniques -- because there is not just one right way. It is a very natural capcity our bodies are intuitively capable of effecting, vibrating with the pulse of life itself. The purpose of this movement is to get outside the limitations and constraints of isolated individual mind and connect with something greater. It has any number of names but this “greater Mind” links us to one another and to nature as a whole. (Keeney, 1997)

C.M. Anderson, M.D. (1998) of Harvard describes a commonly experienced yet little-understood phenomenon he calls the Persistent Oscillatory Sound. Many people notice this internally-generated 'sound,' particularly when ill or dehydrated, as it seems to become "louder." It sounds like an insect hum. Anderson links it, as well as the REM or dream state and Post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTDS) to the normal alpha 10Hz rhythmicity, as cited by I. Miller (2001):

"Anderson speaks of the disturbing effect of lights and sounds, which might result from loss of normal global habituation due to RF destabilization, resulting in fear and/or rage. Again, trauma and drug abuse history is strongly associated with asymmetric hemispheric function. Temporal lobe structures such as the hippocampus and amygdala are particularly sensitive to the effects of child abuse and trauma.

"Anderson conjectures the oscillatory sound could indicate rapid shifting or cycling of attentional resources between the left and right hemispheres, downshifting the normally constant 10 Hz rhythmicity of the olivocerebellar system. This oscillatory auditory effect may function as an auditory driver. The downshift effect may indicate possible flooding of the left hemisphere by material from the uninhibited right which takes over primary conscious focus. This sets the stage, along with phasic fluctuations of the S-Net and uninhibited PGO, for the sudden onset of the SOC state and the waking dream period.

"Anderson alludes to “waking dreams as a healing journey through the fractal hyperspace of emotionally indexed childhood memories.” He asserts that “the basolateral amygdala (BLA) is a critical neural substrate of the waking dream stage as fractal neural bursting in this subcortical cortex-like structure may represent access points in a fractal hyperspace of emotionally indexed memories.”

“The effects of early trauma on the development of the amygdala and other temporal lobe structures may interfere with its normal bilateral function during REM-sleep mediated consolidation of emotionally significant events. The recall of traumatic childhood experiences in adults, due to the immaturity of limbic structures at the time of trauma, may require electrical stimulation or intensive PGO-like activity present during the oneiric state. Habitual disruption of normal sleep processes by stress associated with combat, bereavement, divorce, child abuse, neglect or chronic drug abuse interferes with the natural restorative function of phasic REM processes.”

According to electrical engineer Hainsworth, the influence of naturally occurring SR signals on brain-wave pattern evolution is formally stated to show that low-power electrical fields could produce evolutionary change. The electrical fields produced by modern electro-technology are then possible sources of evolutionary change. The characteristics of some forms which might result should be considered. Some fields might inhibit survival of existing forms. Because of lack of available data, precise measurements are lacking and must therefore be quantitatively valueless. Technology not only will, but IS changing human evolution. Only extensive investigation of the naturally occurring signals will give any lead to show what results might occur.

The possibility exists that human health is linked with geophysical parameters by way of the naturally occurring Schumann Resonances. A number of attempts have been made to discover the correlation through geo-magnetic and ionospheric storms. The correlation comes through the biological fact that the human system is apparently sensitive to such low-power ELF signals. We don't know what the range of such a correlation might be.

The frequency values of the SR signals are determined by the effective dimensions of the cavity between the earth and ionosphere. Thus any events which change these dimensions will change the resonant frequencies. And as Hainsworth warned, "such events could be ionospheric storms, and could even result from a MAN-MADE IONOSPHERIC DISTURBANCE," [emphasis added]. In field theory, any disturbance that drives fields from their harmonious rhythm, spreads out to disturb neighboring fields. Harmonizing rhythms usually return to orderly pulsations once the source of disturbance is removed. A strong harmonizing rhythm will drive and entrain the matrix of interlocking fields, creating more orderliness."
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04/14/2010 02:10 AM
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Re: Internet Alien Presence, Schumann's Resonances and Human Psychobiology
Yep. All biological life vibrates at the same frequency.

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04/14/2010 02:41 AM

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Re: Internet Alien Presence, Schumann's Resonances and Human Psychobiology
moral reasoning takes about 250 miliseconds
we make errors in between
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02/04/2017 09:57 PM
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Re: Internet Alien Presence, Schumann's Resonances and Human Psychobiology
poorjohnnySeven winters laterlol