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6-Year-Old Piano Prodigy To Play At Carnegie Hall:April 18

Piano Prodigy II
User ID: 943342
04/15/2010 09:11 AM
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6-Year-Old Piano Prodigy To Play At Carnegie Hall:April 18
GRANVILLE, Ohio Next weekend a gifted pianist will play at one of America's premiere concert venues -- Carnegie Hall in New York -- and he is just 6-years-old.

Gavin George has been playing piano for half of his life, 10TV's Kevin Landers reported Friday.

George said there is no where he would rather be than playing the classics on his piano.

"It just makes me feel so fun, it's just really fun for me," George said.

Since playing his first note at 3 1/2, George has become a piano prodigy, learning to read music by 4.

"It was fun," George said.

George's parents said they are not sure why the piano has become his passion.

"There is just something that works in his mind differently than our minds," said George's mother, Mary George.

George is not just musically gifted; he reads beyond a sixth grade level and does math problems children his age do not yet understand.

Mary George said a DVD by classical musician Andre Rieu first turned her son's mind to music.

"He just watched it for two hours intently," Mary George said. "He would hear a CD and go play it; he would hear a cartoon he would play it."

George has already played concerts in front of hundreds of people and next weekend he will travel to New York to perform at Carnegie Hall, Landers reported.

"Once he starts playing, once he connects with his piano, it's like he's in his own world," Mary George said.

George's biggest prize to date is winning the gold medal from the American Association of Development of the Gifted and Talented, Landers reported.

The winners play at Carnegie Hall in New York.

"I was excited; and really surprised and excited," George said. "It's really awesome."

George will perform Mendelssohn's "Venetia Gondola Song No. 2" on April 18.

Watch 10TV News HD and refresh 10TV.com for additional information.

[link to www.onntv.com]