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Message Subject Scrump: Special Request - ideas for your newsletter
Poster Handle ScrumpTheTexan
Post Content
You write well brother. I have some ideas I'd love to see you flesh out in a newsletter.

1. Corporations are treated as persons by the law of this land
2. The only currency or value within a corporation is money. Corporations love money.
3. The love of money is a primary root of evil, therefore corporations are evil persons.
4. Our government is also a corporation, owned by other corporations.

5. Churches are not corporations, except one.

6. The family is the basic unit of God's government. Not corporation.

Just some thoughts. You may disagree with some of my suppositions, but it would be interesting to see you write on those themes anyway.

Excellent suggestions FT!

I've actually been trying to come up w/ a subject for the next one... I've become so jaded to doom that it actually seems like there's not much going on right now.

That theme would work well w/ Goldman Sachs as the subject hf


Thanks for the kind words :)

You are welcome. Think deeply about these things. I would even humbly recommend that you pray for some guidance on these topics.

I am sure we are all looking forward to your next installment brother.

Malu: Thanks!
 Quoting: Freethinker

You're a really nice guy my friend, I really appreciate the encouragement & have bookmarked this for inspiration hf

About the family:

The destruction of the nuclear family has been an ongoing TPB-Satanic project since the 60's at least.

And you're exactly on the right path in your thinking, since it's been intentionally usurped by the State... who've also been working to replace God.

The Family is the core of everything.
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