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Message Subject ***YOU ARE LIVESTOCK!*** History lesson on human farming
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

This is just more propaganda - notice the idea that the elite want you to be fighting with other races - so therefore this is good for them because you are distracted somehow from noticing them as the farming over lords?

However the truth is the elite want you get along with the other races and to breed with the other races and for us to become all one race, then they can get rid of all culture and borders and have just one breed of slave. A slave with no loyalties - and no sense of belonging to any group, just a slave who belongs to them.

We know this is the agenda because of the flooding of our lands with immigrants, hate crime laws, affirmative action and the constant propaganda on TV which makes you think race mixing is cool. This film is yet more elite propaganda in disguise.

I don't think we should have elite propaganda on this site? Then again it is probably their site.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 945308

I agree with you to a point but even temporary distractions will serve their purpose.

Take this Obama birth issue. While so many are focused on whether or not Obama is a legitimate Prez many more serious issues are swept under the rug. While that gets the most coverage and creates the hottest debate many ignore the direct and near obvious move towards global governance. What if that was the number one issue among "dissenters"? There are hundreds of examples WEEKLY outlining that issue. Meanwhile we argue of a petty issue that does us absolutely no good.

A nice temporary distraction to keep the sheep fighting amongst themselves. I doubt anyone would deny, once provided the evidence, that we're moving towards a one world government. We could only be so lucky if we were arguing over the merits of such a government.
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