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Message Subject Recommend a good survival knife
Poster Handle Major League Infidel
Post Content
A lot of good suggestions have been made on this thread and in that vein I would like to make one more suggestion, Fehrman Knives. If you’re going to rely on a knife for a survival/hard use type situation you may wish to consider spending a little more for the added piece of mind. Fehrman uses great steel with excellent heat treat and are tough beyond comprehension in my humble experience, and guaranteed for life.

[link to store.fehrmanknives.com]
This model is very competitively priced, in 0-1 tool steel, and appears to be currently on sale.
[link to store.fehrmanknives.com]
This model is a little small but more inline with your price range.

Of course this is simply my opinion, I am in no way affiliated with Fehrman just a satisfied user.
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