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Message Subject BREAKING - Rockets fired "from Egypt" hit Jordan
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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From Norwegian news:

Denies missile attacks against Israel
22.04.2010 at. 12:54 Source: © NTB

The alleged missile attack against the Israeli seaside resort of Eilat on Thursday, was in reality an explosion at a cold storage on the Jordanian side of the border, according to senior sources in Jordan.

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According to Israeli media, two Katjusja missiles fired at Eilat on Thursday, but Israeli sources were uncertain whether they were fired from Jordan or the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt.

One of the missiles land, according to the messages in a field near the port city of Aqaba in Jordan, while the other landed in the Red Sea off Eilat.

Egyptian security sources denied that the missiles were fired from Sinai and the Jordanian government and security sources denied that the missiles were launched from Jordan.

- There was talk of a minor explosion at a cold storage in Aqaba, said Jordan's Information Minister Nabil Sharif.

- It's launched an investigation to determine what the cause of the explosion was, he says.

Another high-ranking Jordanian source also rejects the claims of a rocket attack against Israel.

- We know of no rocket attack on Eilat, "said the source.

Israeli authorities have not commented on reports of the alleged missile attack, while residents of Eilat said that they heard explosions in the distance in the morning.

The two cities of Aqaba and Eilat are close beside each other, only separated by the border between Jordan and Israel.

No one has claimed responsibility for a rocket attack, but a group with ties to the terrorist network al-Qaeda was behind a similar attack from Jordan to the south of Israel in 2005.

[link to www.vg.no]
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