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Murderer of Lech Kaczynski the Polish President.

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 594054
United Kingdom
04/27/2010 03:00 PM
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Murderer of Lech Kaczynski the Polish President.
It has been now nearly two weeks since the happening and I personally think that there is something odd going on in Poland.
Firstly, I cannot stand my nation's stupidity and how they trust in every single word the Russians or media are claiming.
Ain't it strange that the Russians are so so so friendly like never ever before? They even admitted that the massacre in Katyn (back in 1940) was committed by Joseph Stalin (Soviet leader in those days). I was very surprised, as previously they were claiming that Poles have accused soviets and it was nazi germany not russia. I remember they even spoke about it in EU.
To be honest I do think that it wasn't an accident but a weird coalition between Russia-Poland(PRIME MINISTER DONALD TUSK)-heads of EU. There has been some evidence which may led to this conclusion.

[link to www.youtube.com]

If anyone is interested please read me further I have some more things to say.

The other thing is that mysterious 2min. phone-video.
I have seen plenty versions. The one which interested me is the one below were between the plane and the horizons line you can see plenty of people walking and talking!!! I do not really want to say what they are talking because this can only be speculations - I am not very good with this audio-programs.

[link to www.youtube.com]

All I can say is that I can hear VERY clearly words 'change of plan,shit' in POLISH! Also words like 'calm down' , 'still alive' in polish and russian. This is very frustrating and I feel so lost in all of this crap.

The other thing is that weird siren which goes in the middle of the video. Some say it is just an alarm at the actual airport BUT take under consideration that:
1. the time of the crash is apparently 8;56 BUT the plane crashed 20 minutes before! (how much time then did they have to kill the people who survived if anyone was at the board)
2. it is not really a sound for an alarm at the airport - this type of plane tupolev-154 have on board its own alarm! So, the conclusion would be that MAY BE the pilot pushed the button with the rest of his strength OR the alarm went on itself. I do not know for sure this are just my conclusions and thoughts.

It all ties to something very weird and it is not even an over but just a beginning of this shitty matter.

Some people claims (and I do agree!!) that some of these people on the list and apparently found dead MAY have been kidnapped and murdered. So because no one can find them they are on the list because it is easier to say it that way.

Now, MR TUSK. This is just a mystery but I am almost certain that he has something to do with this all. Two days before the tragedy Tusk was in Smolensk he landed with the same pilot on the same airport and the same plane!
Blah blah blah
Moving on, the video - where are the bodies??? Of 96 people??? One of the polish camera-man said that this was not a typical plane accident (we know it wasn't..), I couldn't see the bodies. Unfortunately the Russians forced his to gave them the tape with recorded crash.

Have you seen the pics of that plane? Where the hell is it? I can see only two kind of big parts, where is the rest? It is impossible that it just crashed onto thousand pieces without 'help'.

This whole case is very complicated and simply doesn't ties at all!! That a hell of conspiracy!

I have also seen pics taken by the rescue team - there are bodies but are not burn at all!!!!! Now even the clothes, nothing!!!! Ain't that weird if the plane was burning?
I can tell you that the bodies are looking like poisoned with some kind of gas - the skin is not in natural colour at all and the bodies are kind of swollen. Weird!
I do have pictures of bodies lying down, if anyone want to have a closer look - tell me I will post them.

And something what I just found out! The plane had actually FOUR black boxes and the fourth one is AMERICAN therefore Americans started their own investigation.

Very odd plane 'crash'.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 954354
United States
04/27/2010 03:03 PM
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Re: Murderer of Lech Kaczynski the Polish President.
Has anyone brought up the possibility the siren ===train sound could have been a mind control sound.

I have read that certain sounds, phrases, words are often used in mind control

Like, for instance, someone calls the mind control suject on the phone and says a word...the mind controlled suject then, goes into action and in engaged to do "the job".

Perhaps the siren was a mind contol mechanism???
xxqp  (OP)

User ID: 594054
United Kingdom
04/27/2010 03:20 PM
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Re: Murderer of Lech Kaczynski the Polish President.
I do agree about that siren thing, but we can only speculate as no one will say the truth.

Can I only add, that the people of Poland are signing in the petition for setting up an independent POLISH committee?
Which, if Russians were involved will lead to WW3...