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Drug runners on border is because they are out of money

Anonymous Coward
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United States
05/01/2010 02:41 PM
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Drug runners on border is because they are out of money
When they were talking about immigration in 2006/2007 I just knew that McCain would come out for more border support. The conspiracy at the time was watch for more drug bust since the big guys had run out of money.

The McCain decided to side on amnesty and did not a damn thing about our border. I mean we were in a war over there so that they wouldn;t come over here and McCain's cronies left the damn back door open.

I woke up that day, I read everything I could and now realize that since they are out of money, they cut the distribution of drugs out of the budget. Since that time the drug cartel in Mexico have to do their own running. Do you really believe that they just realized in the last 5 years that there was a border there. No they had to develope their own distribution plan and now we have the border situation we have BECAUSE McCain and cronies didn't do his job so many years ago.

The supposed war hero just never realized that cronies had cut distribution from the budget, but someone did so many years ago and what they said then is happening now. GET RID OF MCCAIN and CRONIES an we may have a chance of a better future for this country but if people do not wake up to the manipulation of BOTH parties we are sunk.

Notice it is taking all four presidents to bring in the CHANGE that Obsama promised. Bush Sr, Clinton, Shurb, Obsama.

Before anyone raises it, that BS flag only repeats their montra. The only difference between O[]b]bama and Osama is BS . Every time I see that BS flag you might as well be screaming CHANGE or YES WE CAN. They all stand for the same thing, the corruption and destruction of this country.