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Message Subject Dangerous Asteroid will pass Nov-8-2011
Poster Handle gdwk
Post Content
What if this damn thing hits the moon?!!! nobody thinks about it but when it happens we all be dead too!!
Gr. the Netherlands
 Quoting: whatever 5025464


if you look at the moon, it has an uncountable amount of craters on it, due to being our shield basically...

most asteroids that are on collision path with us, normally come into contact with the moons small gravity well, and gets sucked into it... keeping us nice and safe
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 6163221

Jupiter plays the same role as the moon.

It is called the vacuum cleaner of our Solar System.

Asteroid impacts are unlikely.

There have only been (2) since 1970.

One blew up over the desert in Sudan, Africa and littered
the desert with debris.

Another created a 15 Meter crater in a field in Peru.

You are correct.

Both the Moon and Jupiter keep us nice and safe.


My sheep likes no doom.
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