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Message Subject Scrump's Newsletter 5/10 *Beware The American Dictatorship... YOU are the Enemy*
Poster Handle drakke1
Post Content
Well, apparently, the gloves are very much off. For the moment at least, TPTB have the "decency" to at least concoct a "law" (intentionally vague, of course, and thus of infinite application) which they can then point to to "justify" why you are "guilty", or even just a valid "suspect", and unpleasantly punished. At some stage of the charade they won't even bother. I'm reminded of Stalin's comments, appropriate here. For some time, as i recall, under his regime, people were murdered, and their "crimes" pointed to as good cause for their treatment -- the people being thereby seriously terrorized by these activities of the government. Then, in order to increase the terror he was perpetrating upon his own people, he told his agents: from now on just round people up *at random* and kill them. That will definitely keep the peasants in line.

Our current PTB are no less psychopathic than was "uncle Joe" -- and i'm sure that his plan and its effects on controlling that populace have not gone unnoticed. We are definitely at a serious crossroads. The proper course to take is, alas, an enigma to me.
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