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Message Subject Scrump's Newsletter 5/10 *Beware The American Dictatorship... YOU are the Enemy*
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
religion is always the problem, that includes atheism..

That also includes the religion of modern science which is the most domineering religion in the history of all mankind.

Simply stated: ...

Take one step out of your appointed circle, and you are done for. (And that goes for EVERYONE OF THEM!!!)

Modern Science has a motto which is very well conveyed to everyone who ever gotten an "A" in any science class. And that well known motto is never forgotten by anyone...

It goes like this...

"Fuck with Us ... And Ye Shall be Fucked (where it hurts the most)!!!"
 Quoting: J.H.F.C. 889802

and don't worry i didnt' get my h1n1 vaccines either, nor do i believe the usgs is being honest.

and so on..

but i do believe you can go to mount everest and mix sodium hydroxide with sodium chloride and get an acid base reaction.

same goes if i did it in new orleans (sea level)

there's a balance my friend.

i also believe planet x has a y chromosone and it's name is nancy lieder
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