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Mikhail Kryzhanovsky. “President Barack Obama and the “Millenium Hilton” conspiracy “.

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United States
05/06/2010 04:56 AM
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Mikhail Kryzhanovsky. “President Barack Obama and the “Millenium Hilton” conspiracy “.
Someone sent this to me. It is a bit beyond me, I am not familiar with this issue or the site. I don't know where the article originated, but I was curious to see what you all thought about the info.

[link to www.oilforimmigration.org]

Mikhail Kryzhanovsky. “President Barack Obama and the “Millenium Hilton” conspiracy “.
Posted on May 6th, 2010 by David-Crockett
REPUBX.COM Publiished

Patrick Fitzerald, member
Department of Justice Office of Special Counsel
Bond Federal Building
1400 New York Avenue, NW, Ninth Floor
Washington D.C. 20530

May 5, 2010

Dear Mr. Fitzerald:

I have nothing to lose after I’ve refused to participate in CIA-FBI conspiracy which I call “Millenium Hilton” operation - I have no money, no job, no permanent place to stay. I’m telling the truth and I’m sending you a set of special questions related to the U.S. national security, or rather its absence.
I name people who have to lose a lot - millions of dollars, power, influence, popularity. They will lie to you once you start investigation into their anti-American activity. A good thing is - America is no more on their side.I understand that I violated Intelligence Identities Protection Act of 1982. There’s no other way to bring to justice Bill Clinton who initiated the left-wing conspiracy and Barack Obama who’s covering it up.

I hope you’ll inform people about your investigation.
You can reach me via my e-mail address: [email protected]

Mikhail Kryzhanovsky
a former KGB intelligence officer and CIA “Filament”

Questions for Bill Clinton, the U.S. President in 1993-2001.
1. Did you sanction or order CIA Director John Deutch to recruit Mikhail Kryzhanovsky as “Filament” in 1995 ? If yes, explain the purpose of the recruitment.
2. Did you order to grant “Filament” immigrant status (political asylum) ?
3. Did you sanction political murders and surveillance on Republican Senators and Congressmen ?
4. Did you use “Filament’s” presidential elections technologies ( “The Professional” system) to win re-election 1996 ?
5. Why did you pardon a former CIA Director John Deutch, the only Russian CIA Director and a suspected traitor in 2001 ?
6. Are you personally involved in any kind of anti-American activity ?

Questions for Leon Panetta, Chief of Staff to President Clinton in 1994-1997, appointed CIA Director by President Obama in 2009.
1. In 1994-1997 you sat in on the daily intelligence briefings as President Bill Clinton’s Chief of Staff. What do you know about CIA hitman “Filament” and “Millenium Hilton” operation ?
2.CIA operatives informed “Filament” that intelligence abroad is not among priorities for the agency.Does that mean that CIA as intelligence federal agency does not exist and America is deaf, blind and extremely vulnerable to international terrorism ?
3. CIA granted “Filament” a special status “to do in Washington, DC whatever he finds necessary”. Did that mean a “lisence to kill” ?
4. “Filament” asked for a job in Europe,but CIA instructed him, a professional spy, sniper and KGB “Nabat” special anti-terror group member on political murders in USA and surveillance on the U.S. Senators and Representatives.
Who are on the assassination and surveillance list ? Is CIA specifically targeting Republicans ? If yes, give the names of Republican lawmakers.
5. Are you currently involved in any kind of anti-American activity ? Did you get orders from President Barack Obama to watch, compromise, blackmail or kill any republican politician ?
6. CIA is pressing “Filament” in every way - he couldn’t bring his family here for 10 years, he can’t get citizenship, his life is a disaster. Does that mean you want him back for political murders ?

Questions for Rahm Emanuel, Senior Adviser to President Bill Clinton for Policy and Strategy in 1993-1998, Chief of Staff to President Barack Obama since 2009.
1. You served as Senior Adviser to President Bill Clinton for Policy and Strategy in 1993-1998. What do you know about FBI/CIA “Filament” and “Millenium Hilton” operation ?
2. Did you use KGB political strategies and methods described by “Filament” in his “The Professional” system to help Bill Clinton be reelected ?
2. Are you currently using his “White House Special Handbook” to assist President Obama in reforming America into a socialist country ?
3. Are you (were you) involved in any kind of anti-American activity ?

Question for Janet Napolitano, U.S. Homeland Security Secretary.
In 2010 “Filament” created the U.S. National Security System for Homeland Security Department. How do you use it ?

Questions for FBI Director Robert Mueller.
1. What do you know about FBI/CIA hitman “Filament” ?
1. At CIA secret meeting place (New York “Millenium Hilton”, suite # 3111) “Filament” was introduced to his FBI contact, National Security Division agent. Does that mean that FBI is also involved in anti -American conspiracy, political murders and surveillance on the U.S. Senators and Representatives ?
2. In 2002 President George W. Bush sent inquiry on “Filament’s” case to the Department of Justice and it was blocked. Are you responsible for that ? If yes, tell why you is “Filament” so important that you risked your career by ignoring the U.S. President’s inquiry ?
3. How FBI National Security Division intend to use “Filament” if CIA gets him back ?
4. Are you (were you) involved in any kind of anti-American activity ?

Questions for Hillary Clinton, New York Senator in 2001- 2009, appointed Secretary of State by Barack Obama in January 2009.
1. In June 2001 “Filament” warned you on national security collapse, CIA-FBI conspiracy and his personal situation after he informed President Clinton and CIA Director George Tenet that he’s “out of the game”. In August 2001 you’ve promised support. On September 11, 2001 terrorists attacked America killing 3,000.Only in a year you’ve finally decided to help “Filament’s” family only (to come to the States). Are you involved in CIA-FBI conspiracy ?
2. Did you get any recommendations from your husband , President Bill Clinton on “Filament’s” case ?
3. Are you ready to help “Filament now to stop conspiracy ?

Questions for the U.S. President Barack Obama
1. What do you know about FBI/CIA hitman “Filament” ?
1. Did you use a former KGB spy and CIA “Filament’s” propaganda and “mind control” technologies to win 2008 presidential elections ? Are you currently using these technologies ?
2. Did Bill Clinton recommend you to appoint Leon Panetta as CIA Director and Rahm Emanuel as your Chief of Staff ?
3. Are you personally involved in any kind of anti-American activity ?
4. Are you hiding any information pointing to CIA Director Leon Panetta and Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel as co-conspirators ?
5. If the U.S. Office of Special Counsel investigation proves that you and above mentioned government employees are involved in any kind of anti-American activity, are you ready to resign ?
5. Have you ever received information from CIA Director Leon Panetta about CIA assassination and surveillance list targeting Republican Senators and Congressmen ?
6. “Filament” was ordered by CIA to penetrate the U.S. Congress under cover of political scientist (with the help of James Billington, Congress Librarian) . Is this operation currently in progress ? If yes, who is responsible for it and who’s currently involved in it ?
7. On March 24, 2010 “Filament” received invitation for a dinner with Barack Obama at New York St. Regis at 6.00 PM on May 13, signed by Ian Sugar, DCCC (Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee) Director of Development. Are you going to talk to “Filament” about assassination of your Republican enemies ?