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Mikhail Kryzhanovsky. "I saved Hillary Clinton".

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United States
05/06/2010 08:33 AM
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Mikhail Kryzhanovsky. "I saved Hillary Clinton".
Do you know what’s Lefrak City ? It’s 20 old brick 18-floor projects for poor African-Americans, Latinos, and Russians. The most dangerous area in Queens and the New York State, stuffed with street gangs, crack cocaine,heroine, prostitutes and illegal guns. Three years ago 100 NYPD officers stormed the ghetto and arrested 13 most ruthless gangsters who terrorized people for years (another 10 are still wanted), confiscated guns, ammunition, drugs and $2.5 million in cash.
On August 1, 2006 NYS Senator John Sabini delivered a speech at Lefrak City community meeting at St. Paul’s Church demanding new, severe state and federal laws to control illegal weapons. And now, the same Sabini invites everybody to meet in person a former First Lady, the U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton at some open playground. What’s that ? A sweet candy for terrorists? A regular stupidity?

I saw flyers at 8 A.M. , and in two minutes I was already walking to the place – just to make sure Mrs. Clinton, who saved my family, will meet the voters guarded by the "best of the best" – the U.S. Secret Service.
I was sure they already watch the area for the last 24 hours.
I was sure the access to the area is restricted.
I was sure that one week before the event local police instructed the secret sources to stay at alert and report any suspicious activity and people who had or tried to purchase illegal guns.
I was sure bad guys and aggressive psychos were isolated temporarily or kept under control at least.
I was sure technicians checked the air, soil and water (in the open pool) for radioactivity and toxic substances, looked for explosives and brought a specially trained dog.
I was sure there was no access to a single roof and they’ve installed a metal detector to check VIP and other guests.
I was sure they had a double checked guest list. Kill me, I was sure the Secret Service would never let any bad guy approach Hillary Clinton. I was wrong.

At 8.30 A.M.,six hours before the meeting, I came there to check the place and estimate the threats.
Nothing and nobody around.
The place was a heaven for terrorists:
- a circle of six 18-floor-1500-window buildings (such meetings in the open areas close to residential buildings are strictly f o r b i d d e n )
- a playground
- an open stage under a small roof (no walls)
- barbeque place
- a pool

And six hours to get ready for assassination:
- observe the place and then plan assassination
- install a mine under a stage
- try a silenced sniper rifle out of any window or from the roof and make necessary corrections
- bring and place the whole army of terrorists all over the place

I've checked one of the building - free access to the roof. Perfect conditions for a sniper.

At 11 A.M. two girls, three assistants and free "Pepsi" appeared out of nowhere. 2 cops – in and out. No restriction. Not even a "Don’t cross" tape.
At 1 P.M. about 500 people came to the playground – retired old men and women, homeless alcoholics,drug addicts, kids,teens and reporters.
At 2.30 P.M. people surrounded the playground and screamed like crazy when Hillary Clinton finally appeared among them and tried to make her way through the crowd. Anybody could touch or hit her - 2 cops and 2 Secret Service agents just smiled happily. Then she got to the stage encircled by a wild , absolutely uncontrolled crowd. One agent was standing behind her, another one – at the stairs. No security. I had to move close to the stage – the situation was unpredictable and I could help to protect Mrs. Clinton with my 10 years of KGB experience and 2 years of "The Nabat" anti-terror group.
She made a 15 minutes speech and then I’ve witnessed a total chaos – still on the stage, she tried to shake hands and people went wild; somebody gave her flowers (absolutely unacceptable thing), somebody asked her to hold a baby to make pictures; people screamed and pushed each other. I had to ask people to move back and some did. I was at the stage, right at the middle and people couldn't reach Hillary Clinton easily, some women tried to push me - I was laughing and playing a nice guy, but didn't leave my spot.
Agents paid no attention – they were slowly chewing gums, obviously proud of their James Bond style sunglasses. Poor Sabini asked people to move away – nobody cared. Only when some young girls jumped up on the stage, police officer reluctantly restricted the place with a yellow tape – the Secret Service guy looked at him insurprise. Then Hillary turned over to talk to somebody on the stage , and the agent turned his back to the crowd, too – I couldn’t believe it.
At 3.30 she left the playground and had to move through the huge crowd again. I was next to her pretending I'm making video.
She was lucky - God loves her. I love her too.