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Mikhail Kryzhanovsky. "CIA conspiracies: Marilyn Monroe"

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 962607
United States
05/06/2010 08:39 AM
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Mikhail Kryzhanovsky. "CIA conspiracies: Marilyn Monroe"
Name: Marilyn Monroe. Movie star, drug addict, unbalanced personality with four suicide attempts, sex maniac, a very lonely person with unhappy family history and a “Communist” according to her FBI and CIA files.
Date of death: August 5, 1962, murdered.
Official version: Suicide with barbiturates overdose — which flies in the face of the evidence. Why?

Look, on August 1,1962 MarilynMonroe signed a $1,000,000 contract with the 20th Century Fox: $5000,000 for “Something Got to Give” and additional $500,000 for a new musical “What a Way to Go” and then, four days later she “committed suicide” ?
This case is a very special one. First, unlike other VIP murders, it’s still not clear how she was killed; second, according to the People magazine (1999), Marilyn is voted the Sexiest Woman of the Century.
Despite physical autopsy and toxicological tests, it’s still not clear how she was killed; and given her links to the Kennedys as well as crime leaders and others there are plenty of theories as to who needed her dead, and why. In this way, her story resembles that of JFK’s murder.

The evidence allows for the following possibilities, and others as well, which need not be mutually exclusive:

Mafia boss Sam Giancana killed Monroe to set up Robert Kennedy, who had publicly declared war on organized crime
Joseph Kennedy, the two brothers’ father, hired Giancana to kill Monroe because she was pregnant with Robert’s child and tried to blackmail him
The CIA killed Monroe to get even with JFK for the Bay of Pigs fiasco (because her death could compromise him)
JFK gave the order to kill Monroe, because she knew too much about his murky activities, and then he was killed by “Italian friends” of her former husband Joe DiMaggio. (The 3 August 1962 CIA document, written two days before Marilyn Monroe’s death, reveals that some high government officials were in a state of extreme anxiety over the fact that Kennedy brothers (John and Robert) had been imparting sensitive information to Marilyn, and that she was writing a lot of it down her little red “diary of secrets”.

· [my view] Marilyn had information on plans for the JFK assassination, and a lot of people needed to have her silenced

· The most popular version of Monroe’s death is connected to two “probable” visits Attorney General Robert Kennedy and two other men made that day, demanding her “diary” with notes about conversations with both Kennedys regarding top secret national security matters. So, on August 4,1962 she refused to give her diary to Robert Kennedy. Heleft and the witnesses stated that Marilyn was “scared out of her mind and at the same time terribly angry”. Looks like she or somebody very close to her (a child, born or adopted) were threatened. OK. Robert Kennedy was back the same night and killed her injecting (using enema or suppositorium) barbiturates overdose and staging a suicide.
First, Robert Kennedy wasn’t looking for a diary, tape or picture – he was looking for something you can not copy. What was that ? Second, Robert Kennedy knew through FBI and CIA surveillance that in March 1962 she had a meeting in Mexico City with Frederick Field, her psychiatrist’s close friend and American Communist Group leader, and talked to him on above mentioned secret national security matters which is espionage. Robert Kennedy did nothing to stopher – why ? Third, in 1955 Marilyn through her manager applied for a visa in the Soviet Embassy in Washington,D.C., though she never travelled to the USSR – why ? (Inside KGB rumors circulated about her secret visit to the USSR and sex with the Soviet leader Nikita Kchrushchev – it was a gift from President Kennedy).

Now, once again — what was Robert Kennedy looking for? If Senator Edward Kennedy helps me to answer the question, we might come very close to “cracking” the case.
I hate when big, strong and healthy men kill a woman and that’s against all the rules — don’t kill kids and women. Trust me, I’ll get those guys — dead or alive.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 313077
United Kingdom
05/06/2010 08:50 AM
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Re: Mikhail Kryzhanovsky. "CIA conspiracies: Marilyn Monroe"
For a bisexual pill-head sex addict Marylin is stupidly popular....

....I'd still have shagged her if I was around then.