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To people on the coast - how bad is the odor and how far inland?

Mr. Frothingslosh
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United States
05/09/2010 10:46 AM
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To people on the coast - how bad is the odor and how far inland?
I am trying to get a sense of the extent of the air quality damage on the coast. Hearing anecdotal complaints of bad air, but it would be nice to get a wider survey, particularly of how far inland the problem extends.

Also, I don't have the technical knowhow, but I have seen the Google Maps apps where people respond with their color-coded personal experience of an earthquake and their location, creating a nice intensity map of an earthquake area. Something similar would be good for the coast, which ranges from "air is fine" to "smells but otherwise ok" to "creating minor respiratory problems" to "i have to leave now".

This would be really helpful in trying to guess the extent of coastal evacuation that might occur if the spill extends up the coast. Also, if the problem is mostly methane as some as hypothesized, this would suggest that the problem would be more localized rather than correlated as much with oil spill itself.

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