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Tiger Woods Say He May Never Again Play Professionally; Bulging Dick To Blame...

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05/10/2010 10:23 PM
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Tiger Woods Say He May Never Again Play Professionally; Bulging Dick To Blame...
It makes sense. His wife wants nothing to do with him yet she has a team of investigators watching his every move... thus it is damn difficult to slip away for a 'workout' with one of his stable of chicks.

Woods though, doesn't want to come clean.

He's blaming his "Bulging Disc(s)".

This anchor knows better!

link: [link to www.myfoxny.com]

(NewsCore) - An anchor on the Golf Channel made an embarrassing slip when referring to Tiger Woods withdrawal from The Players Championship in Florida on Sunday, TMZ reported.

Woods, who was playing in his third tournament since returning from his self-imposed sex scandal exile that lasted nearly five months, blamed a bulging disk in his upper back for his decision to pull out of the $9.5 million tournament.

But while reporting on the withdrawal of Woods, the female anchor instead blamed a "bulging d**k."

"He has been playing with a neck injury for about a month and thinks it could be a bulging d**k, disc in his upper back," she can be heard saying in the clip which has already been posted on YouTube.

ESPNís Steve Levy made the same blooper in 1995 when reporting that New England Patriots cornerback Maurice Hurst was out with a bulging disc.

His co-anchor Keith Olberman couldn't stop laughing and was in tears by the time they took a commercial break.

Meanwhile, Woods was heckled by a young boy following his exit in the tournament, CBS reported.

The boy who waiting in line to get a Phil Mickelson autograph yelled out: "Say goodbye to No. 1, Tiger. Kiss it goodbye" as Woods walked past.

"Be polite," Mickelson told the boy.

For the record The Players Championship was won Sunday by South African golfer Tim Clark.
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05/10/2010 10:46 PM
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Re: Tiger Woods Say He May Never Again Play Professionally; Bulging Dick To Blame...
bump hehe :)