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Sidereal astrology and conception date charts are better

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 967381
05/11/2010 12:12 PM
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Sidereal astrology and conception date charts are better
When I started studying astrology in 2004, I discovered I was a Pisces being born on March 1 1990, according to the standard astrology.
Than I discovered different kind of astrology, so I started studying sidereal one in 2009.
I than discovered that according to sidereal astrology, the signs change on every 16th day of the months.

I was a Pisces? Yes, I'm emotional, I use a lot of fantasy and I would definitely fit into Romantic period poets and writers group...
Was I a Aquarius? Started to think, yes, I agree, maybe I'm Aquarius...
In fact I'm weird, I love to be different from the mass and I love internet and internet communities and group of friends...

Using charts, I also discovered the planet degrees and the fact that one changes sign during the life...For my 20th birthday I than got a gift to become Aries...
In fact I feel a lot more angry, active and direct when I talk...

But I wasn't aware of something VERY important: sidereal astrology uses different dates for transits!!! Oh, my gosh!!!
So, in reality May 11 2010 in sidereal astrology will have transits that in the standard astrology would be present on June 5-9 2010!!!

So that Jupiter, Mercury, and such planets change signs and become retrograde much early than what standard astrology believes!

I think astrology is the study of human personality and has nothing of magic in it, and I find sidereal astrology to be much more precise.

I also think that one should have two important charts for his/her life...The one that starts on birthday and the one which starts on conception date...

My conception date is June 16 1989. I found out it with a computer program calculator.

Now, let me show you some coincidences:

My cousin with my same name was born on February 29 2000, so very near to my birthday.
My uncle and my aunt were born on March 1, my birthday.

My girl cousin Anna was born on June 15 1995, so very near my conception date. My aunt was born on June 15 too.
My grandfather with my same name and surname died on June 19 1990.

June 15-16 has always been a turning point date and a significant date to me. It has almost always been the day on which my schools would decide my fate, so if I would pass the exams or not. I was always afraid of the date! XD
Also, my church campus where I was a entertainer always started in mid- June.
And even Timewave Zero research, that fascinates me a lot, started on June 16 2009 on ATS.

With my chart of conception date, I would be a Taurus/Gemini, for my early life.
In my early life I was always over-eating until a certain day, I started to eat very little.
Taurus eats a lot and Gemini eats very little. So I was starting to change sign.
I than became interested in everything, every single thing, I wanted to know it all and write a lot of stories, just like Geminis do.

In recent years, having a brother and neighbors as friends became so much important to me, just like for every Gemini.
Than, I started to think my family was the most important thing of all.
Just like Cancer. In fact, I shifted already to Cancer sign and I'm now ultra-interested in History, the past and I would like to live in the past and I 'm very lazy just like every good Cancer! XD
In the next two years I will shift to Leo.

My ascendant on my conception chart was Libra...But recently it has been Scorpio! Oh, so, that is why! I was always interested in horror books and horror stories, crime tv, I didn't like being photographed and I love wearing black. And I like paranormal talking and threads.
Death was the topic of my thesis on the last year of high school.
Pure Scorpio...XD
My eyes create a hole in pictures, my friends say.

Now, from 2011, my ascendant will become Sagittarius. I will become more optimist, I will love travelling and I will love foreigners people and big theories.

I think this conception chart explains myself much better than the standard one

User ID: 784916
United States
05/24/2010 11:03 AM
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Re: Sidereal astrology and conception date charts are better
I am a true fan today of the actual placements of the planets...from Earths perspective view. This knocks out tropical astrology and sidereal.

2 problems with both zodiacs-

They want to divide the constellations in equal parts...but the sun does not spend the same amounts of time in each, for example , the sun is only in Scorpio for 8 days.

The other issue is that neither of them accounts for the fact that sun now rises in 13 signs...they both leave out Ophiuchus.

User ID: 784916
United States
05/24/2010 11:04 AM
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Re: Sidereal astrology and conception date charts are better
The sun did rise in Aquarius on your day of birth.