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Message Subject Anarchist group claims responsibility for Ottawa bank firebombing
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Very interesting. I spent many years in Canada and know it's players and politics well. This however is new. If these radicals are for real, they must be pretty stupid as they know the general Canadian public won't go for this armed violent bullshit resistance thing. Sort of unbelievable.

I would hazard an unpopular guess and say that this action was planned/orchestrated by RCMP and CSIS agents. They are always complaining that they don't have enough money and that people don't take them or potential threats seriously enough.

I really wouldn't put it past Canada's Conservative party, to order this kind of psychological op. Canadians like Americans will eat it up, hook line and sinker, and look to Canadian government to save them.

Rest assured there will be probably be arrests in the next few days. Prediction is that the authorities will claim to have solved the crime with the help of an under cover insider. Toronto 18 rings bells here.

After that look for further legislation against your privacy.

I will begin my own investigation of Canadian Authorities with my contacts and let you know what I find.
 Quoting: Jebediah Lipschitz

Very possible. It could also be a plan to restrict people's access to banks in the future by claiming they are all under terrorist threat when in reality they want to prevent a run on them during a crisis or switching to the Amero or what have you.
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