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Message Subject MY PLANET IS COMING....and other wisdom from a three year old.
Poster Handle 3/\3
Post Content
He reminds us that all we need to do until his planet comes is "Play". that is, for him, to be in the moment, to enjoy life, and to love whatever he does, whether that's play in the ocean, play in the garden, plant seeds, it doesn't matter.

Life is precious. Let us not waste it on trivial things, the mundane. If you knew that you had a year to live, what would you do? Well, if you don't KNOW, or you can't accept the inevitability of the calendar, whichever one you use, PRETEND!

Live as though...

It puts things into perspective. It makes you laugh more, listen better, and enjoy the present moment, because that is all we have.
 Quoting: Michael911

He is telling the truth.

Gods time is not the time we know,real time is when you love , you don't think that time is the one on the wall?

Like him all life has knowledge, look at all that knowing in an oak seed that grows so great.
Water of Love and the undserstanding of the earth will make him so, so proud to be here, so proud to appreciate all life, so strong within himself an individual whom shall embrace his gift and respect that in his fellow beings.

The book that blinds, will set them free to start again on a healthy path , a strong heart path that will bring down and displace this weak attitude and mad sickness with common sense and compassion..

It is so very magical and strong, so very much more than they could ever have wished..

Humanity will never ask for intervention again, that will be made clear..
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