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Message Subject MY PLANET IS COMING....and other wisdom from a three year old.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
This is so much BS I cant keep silent anymore. Maybe his kids say all this shit but I doubt it. The fact that he sneaks in where he says him and his family sells everything and moves to where they can be self-supportive gets his motives across. If he had really done this do you think this would be the first time any of us had heard anything about this on GLP??? Oh but wait we are supposed to believe that this just happened, and his kids just said this, and that he just now found GLP. Ooops, but he is a member and has other posts but never mentioned this.

People dont want to be called fuckwits but still want the thrill of stirring shit up and calling for the neverending excitement of "DOOM" on GLP. So they sink to the low level of say a child say it. This way they dont get debunked, put in place, disproved, or any other repercussions. It's absolutely amazing that ever since "I see dead people" threads have gone through the roof on children seeing this or that. Playing on people's emotions and love of children...how sick! Those type of people are the bottom of the barrel and deserve a slow, painful death. antibs
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