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Real ID Card Senate Vote - Unanimous Treason

Charlotte Iserbyt
05/13/2005 07:40 AM
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Real ID Card Senate Vote - Unanimous Treason
They are also going to renew and embellish the Patriot Acts.

Real ID Card Senate Vote -
Unanimous Treason

By Charlotte Iserbyt

The U.S Senateīs unanimous vote on the REAL ID card is a tragedy for our nation. What an abuse of the U.S. Constitution! Ghastly news.

This neat little package says we wonīt be able to open a bank account, board a plane or bus or drive a car. And just wait until the deliberately dumbed down socialist bureaucrats have finished with writing the regulations!!!!!!

The unanimous vote by the Senate shows they have been "unanimously" dumbed down. "Deliberately" in order to take our country down. The majority of our elected officials have never read the Constitution and its Bill of Rights, and, sadly enough, if one even mentions that old relic to them, they donīt seem to care or take it seriously.

Had this legislation been voted on separately, there is a big possibility it would not have passed since the vote on it was close in the House. How is it possible that such a very important piece of legislation, designed to affect all Americans and their offspring forever, had little or no discussion? How deceitful, disgusting, manipulative for the Senate to have attached it to a military appropriations bill which dealt with the important issue of funding the needs of our servicemen and women. Do we really believe our young people serving abroad are going to be happy when they return to a country that tracks its citizens as is done in totalitarian countries? Surely they will ask "exactly what have we been fighting for?"

Why couldnīt the Senators who opposed this totalitarian internal passport, and there were quite a few, have said they were going to vote "no" on the whole package unless the internal passport provision was removed from the military appropriation? That might have forced the Senateīs hand and allowed two separate votes on these two very separate issues. This writer heard via C-SPAN two Democrat Senators, Reid from Nevada and Nelson from Florida, speak strongly against the sneaky way it was going to be voted on, but unfortunately they went along and voted with the rest of the dumbed down.

Is it any wonder Senators Snowe and Collins, ME, have refused to tell me, over a period of two years, the truth about exactly who helped design this internal passport? Former KGB Chiefs Primakov and Karpov, who were involved, must be laughing on their way to the international socialist government planned by Lenin, Stalin, Gorbachev, et al.

If these Senators (all 100 of them!) represent the views of their constituents, one must assume that our nation has gone stark, raving, mad.

[link to www.rense.com]
Anonymous Coward
12/08/2005 10:17 AM
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Re: Real ID Card Senate Vote - Unanimous Treason