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Perth Mint’s Bullion Silver Kilo Bars SOLD OUT

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 966831
United States
05/27/2010 02:16 PM
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Perth Mint’s Bullion Silver Kilo Bars SOLD OUT
Looks like no matter how much effort is placed by US bullion banks in suppressing price of gold and silver, CFTC unwilling to do their job in stopping manipulator’s naked shorting…
…general public is more and more investing in physical gold and silver coins and bars.
2 weeks ago biggest European precious metals dealer ProAurum was shortly without any gold and silver coins, then Asians started to hoard physical gold, few days ago one of the biggest US dealers APMEX was without 2009 and 2010 Silver American Eagles and since yesterday Perth Mint has sold out 1 kilo silver bars.
New expected delivery of this 1 kg silver bars by Australian Perth Mint is up to 8 weeks!!!

[link to agaupm.com]