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Message Subject should i join freemasons, rosicrucians or pilgrim society?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I would start with Hermetics. Read that and then see how you feel or where you are led. You cant know anything until you know yourself first.

well i believe the egyptians had many of the secrets to life, in their alchemy, astrology and theurgy so i've been trying to learn them. it's just difficult to do so without any guidance from people who have already gone down this road. there are more texts than i have time to read so i try to read those of more importance - but by the same token it's difficult to judge the importance of a text without having read and studied it fully. I just been going through the emerald tablets by thoth the atlantean :) some good info and i think he's the greek hermes so i prefer to study the oldest sources of info. it's just difficult to decipher it all then put it into place. i've been getting better at astral travel but i haven't got to the astral lodge you speak of yet (that i can recall). I did make it to a ladder once but when i was climbing it someone shook the damn thing and my connection was severed!
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