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Message Subject The Future of your country?..ask and I will tell you,...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Predicted for 2007 in the Netherlands:

Heavy flooding - didn't happen (1 flag)

A politician would be killed - didn't happen (1 flag)

Revolutionary riots would disrupt the country - didn't happen (1 flag)

Summary for one of the smallest countries in the world:

3 bsflag

Not one single person, on this earth is all seeing all knowing.

If i posted a thread, and said tell me something about myself, some would get my age, or my job, or the car i drive.

Not one person, would get my phone number, address, and bank account details.

Give the man a break, he's doing his best coming on here, and trying to help people.

He doesn't need bullshit flags.
 Quoting: just me 777

True prophecies come from God and false ones from Satan, period. Do you people really think someone can tap into some bullshit cosmic consciousness and get answers? Get real. Gaia man may get some things right but he has a faulty source. A true prophet has all his prophecies come true. I know Gaia man says he is not a prophet as a disclaimer, but let's face it. He heavily implies that he is a prophet when he says ask me a question about any country anywhere in the world and I will tell you the answer. bsflag
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