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Message Subject The Future of your country?..ask and I will tell you,...
Poster Handle Biff durring sringtime
Post Content
Zoned and publicly sanctioned landing areas for offworld craft, for the purposes of buying, trading, selling, arts, scientific, cultural exchanges, for those who would want to do so, from the public and private sectors.

Examples:A large four acre park, where offworld craft can land and people go through a building where they have filled out their forms, and know who they want to do business with.

There is an inspection area and after both the aliens and Earth humanoids pass this brief, they can discuss and do bi business in these areas?

I am partially human, so this would seem normal to me.

Don´t, DO NOT want parts of the said coming riots, where people are going Ah´eeeeeeee, running down the streets, battling with cops, security forces, about some arcane point in religion of politics.

Business with any chosen sort of alien seems normal to me.

Who what when where can I go for this, please?
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