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Message Subject The Future of your country?..ask and I will tell you,...
Poster Handle AZ
Post Content
Hello agian Gaia Man,

I had this vision/dream about 4 months ago.

I was standing in my bedroom and as I walked by my closet, the door being opened, I was wisked quickly into it. I felt paralized at first but then knew just to relax but keep my mind aware of being aware. After this I felt beings touching me but was not scared nor did they seem agressive. After this I was standing in my room again looking at a large screen like a theater screen. In my room I have a large mirror that almost spans the length of my dresser and the screen was where the mirror is. while I was looking at the screen I began seeing a projection. It began with the very begining of a construction like a network. I saw the first two corner stones if you will and then the construction began to take form. I saw it span the whole earth and it was called, The New Earth. There were lots of spheres and connecting points like a molecular model but there were other shapes too. Some of them were on the ground but most were elivated and some of the shapes and types of construction I had never seen before till then. The geometry was perfect and very beautiful. The earth was so vibrant green and sparkled like new. The construction was a prefect marriage of geometry and earth and the construction of the cities were all connected and built to accent the earth and not to be over bearing but complimented and repected the whole world. I was in awe as I saw the first two cornerstones connected and then watched the whole construction take place before my eyes. It was magnifiscent. The whole world was sparking and clean and void of any violence. I was just in awe of its beauty. After this the screen changed and it projected a scene before the new construction took place. The vibrant earth that I was just looking at became grayer and duller and I saw a magnitude of space crafts almost bombarding our planet. They were comming in from what seemed the south and moving towards the north but if the direction of the mirror was literal it would have been east to west. They were everywhere and I got the feeling that some were good and some were not like it was some sort of cosmic war or emergency and they all streamed in quickly. After this I was just speachless. I felt like I was in my own time looking into the future. I walked out of my room which was durring the early afternoon and I was thinking to myself, will anyone every belieive my story. I felt like I had just witnessed the secrets of our world that have been kept hidden and it was like I would never be the same again and it changed my dispostion having being shown this towards everything. I think I wanted to tell others but felt it was a gift I received and sharing it would not do it any justice anyway. From that moment on I just walked around feeling like I was separated from the masses by seeing this. I did not feel better or more important just detached from the prior mindset all together. It really was so beautiful.

End of dream-vision.
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