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Message Subject The Future of your country?..ask and I will tell you,...
Poster Handle CaliBob
Post Content
Of course. Here is the post I made on 7/15. Thank you for your reply.
Dear Gaia Man,

Since we are not addressing questions of cities and countries any longer, I will pick a different topic.

I know that our ancestors, and sometimes others, are with us and watching us constantly. Is there anything they desire from us? The Chinese have traditionally prayed to them, and offered them gifts of incense. Whether we are born in East or West, our nature is the same, and the interraction of dimensions and entities the same. I have been shown in using the I-Ching for many years, that they are all-aware of me and what I do. And yet it doesn´t really change my behavior. My life. I have thought to offer sacrifices to them. I have sought to realize the answer to this question. Can you help me? What do they wish for me to do with respect to them?
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