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Message Subject The Future of your country?..ask and I will tell you,...
Poster Handle La Tre
Post Content
You in the post given below, offered to join me in thew hands I think that is A GREAT IDEA. I WANT TO GO THROUGH THE PORTAL.Your help would be greatly appreciated.

La Tre
User ID: 68
12:08 pm EDT Re: The Future of your country?..ask and I will tell you,...

Gaia Man, Many of your answers are very cryptic. I think you do not mean them to be cryptic but only sharing the vision you are seeing. Also,you can not lead people by their noses. So, we just have to call on our wisdom and do the best we can. Now, I am from near West Palm Beach, Florida and am planning on leaving Florida by end of 2005.Reading between lines, you seemed to imply that perhaps Florida may be one State that becomes un inhabitable. Your guidance would be much appreciated if you can indicate aState or a country ( pspecific part of a country)that would be safe over the next turbulent years.That is why I asked if there was a currency that was relatively safe. Perhaps you are sAYING THAT THE WATER PROBLEM IS WORLDWIDE AND ALSO THAT THE BEST MONEY YOU CAN HAVE IS SILVER OR GOLD!It would be nice if you can share your vision on this issue
Dear Soul,
For I do not want to be a leader, not taking the nose nore the ear. But I will join you in the hand,if you want by your free will.
For Silver you can not eat, and the Gold you can not drink.
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