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Message Subject The Future of your country?..ask and I will tell you,...
Poster Handle green thumb
Post Content
one summer day couple years back I was sitting in the vegetable garden pulling weeds, sort of hidden among the plants. As I was working I looked up and across from me about 30ft. I noticed that there was a rectangular shape forming, it was there but it wasnīt there, it was as a refraction. I didnīt believe, either, what I was seeing and as I sat there looking at it, it opened up like a door. And from around the side something looked out, it too was in refraction, but I could see the siloette--curly hair all over the head. From the doorway it looked around my whole yard. Suddenly it saw me sitting in the tomatoe plants, at which point it stepped back and the door slamed shut. The entire thing just disappeared. I couldnīt believe what I had just seen. Was this a portal?
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