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Message Subject The Future of your country?..ask and I will tell you,...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Why prophecies seem to be such a tough nut to crack?

As the nut so the prophecies have the good part within a protective layer. It needs efforts to reach the nutritious part, an effort that most do not want to invest and if, so the wrong technique is applied.

Lets have a look at two types of questioners:

There is the well-situated type that sees, at least his near future, well organized and protected. He will dismiss all dooms talk as crap until something really comes close to him. Then he begins to bother people who seem to know something with questions, questions born mostly out of pure selfishness. Answers are absorbed only in the part that covers his selfish thinking. He wonít find the real answer. Itís him that shouts at the nut that wonít give the fruit. His shouting wonít crack the nut. He is too lazy to look for a nutcracker or ask others for advice. He wants it his way.

The second type is the one who always tried to understand the world, cared for others and tried to learn. And if he is one of the few who learned to let go everything he has then a new horizon opens to his vision in a new language.

All prophecies are simple and clear for the one who knows to read, who knows the language they are written in.
Prophecies contain all the knowledge man gained on his way to reach the stage of letting go everything, and so, naturally he learns to crack the nut. Ė And then he discovers something else. He wantí to share his new gained knowledge, but to whom he talks, he meets only the selfish kind, not understanding the language he is talking in. He is confronted with shallow questions and insult if he canít please the expectations of the questioners. He becomes the voice in the desert and in the desert only he will find the ones of his kind.

In the spiritual sense everyone is on his own and there is nobody who cracks the nut for him. He can read, hear and learn but the cracking he has to do himself.
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