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Message Subject The Future of your country?..ask and I will tell you,...
Poster Handle Common Sense
Post Content
Thank you for your observations on the yes/no issue polarshift scenario.I wonder whether your difficulty with the poleshift event,has to do with the supposed shift in vibration of our present reality to the next.A clairvoyant friend of mine once said,that viewing reality beyond 2012 was next to impossible and similar observations,as encountered in the Montauk literature,pointed to the same conclusion.By the way,do you judge physical timetravel to be possible from a future technical standpoint,or not? According to your visions,the german chancellor Schröder will leave,but not without a fight it seems and Turkey ( thanksgiving)demands membership,will get fed up with the whole business and turn away from the EC.Sometimes your prophecies fail to materialize,perhaps due to persons involved having read your predictions and taken precautions to their advantage? Your red ball description,does it refer to a mainly non-physical manifestation,as not all people will apparently be effected by it in the same way.Thanks for reading this elaborate comment.
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