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Message Subject The Future of your country?..ask and I will tell you,...
Poster Handle Elva
Post Content
Dear Gaia Man,I want to know about Monterrey, Mexico. I read your thread that says:

Dear Soul,
Sometimes try to leave this rich city in the Poor Land. Leave the city lights behind you.
For you are only in a short distance from the desert or mountains. Find the clear dark sky.
Look to the moon and stars.
See for the lights to appear. I´ve read it many times but I don´t quite understand it please explain. Is Monterrey a safe place to live in?
What will the future bring to this place. I understand we should watch for the signs on the sky. But, what are people on this part of Mexico to expect? Do you have any warnings? How will the war, virus, bird, storm on the loose, etc. hurt or impact Monterrey, Mexico.
Thanks, I know, that you know I appreciate your information. Elva
Thank you, peace be with you, today and always,
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